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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final Destination 2/Shirley Walker

Final Destination 2 I consider to be the best entry in this series. It's HUGELY entertaining beyond words. Suspenseful, gorey, and perfectly paced. Perhaps my main problem with the latest entry was that it was a bit too fast paced and didn't make time for anything else. Of course that could be looked at as a good thing since we know the formula so well and we don't need to see different characters trying to figure the same old things out over and over again. But at the same time I feel some of the suspense is sacrificed. Still though, The Final Destination was a fun flick with plenty 'o gore and great deaths, including a classic escalator munching scene. I definitely recommend making a trip to your local theater your first destination!

This is the 15 track promo score for Shirley Walker's score. There's a lot more subtlety and a bit more of a rhythmic thing going on here. It works well. This promo is not to be confused with the Willard/Final Destination 2 promo that's out there.

Unfortunately I can't find anything for Final Destination 3. Shame. Enjoy what you can get!

01. Main Title (02:48)
02. Kimberly's Lake Premonition (02:04)
03. Blow-Out (01:44)
04. Coincidence - Kimberly Remembers Mom (02:27)
05. Killer Kayak (01:11)
06. Nora's Turn - Eugene Freaks (03:41)
07. Kimberly Goes To See Clear (01:52)
08. Kimberly Sees Dr. Kalarjan (00:47)
09. Ba Bye Kat & Mustang (01:20)
10. Dad And Kimberly (00:45)
11. Pigeons (02:39)
12. Eugene's Oxygen (02:55)
13. New Life (01:59)
14. 2 Left (04:21)

15. We Did It (00:40)

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