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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poltergeist II Deluxe Edition/Jerry Goldsmith

This score is a lot more in your face than the previous installment. This is more comparable to Goldsmith's Damien: Omen II what with all it's choral chanting and demonic rambunctiousness.

It's a fun score and has a high creep factor. A lot more synthy too. There was a measly 5 track version released that lasted just under 30 minutes in 1986... then Varese Sarabande released a Deluxe Edition in 2003. This is what I have for you here.

There is a 2 disc bootleg out there. I haven't a clue as to the quality of that one. But if it's any count, it will be posted one day.

As for the movie, it's just as entertaining as the first though it's not quite as good. I say this because it's obviously lacking the Spielberg flair of the original. It just doesn't feel as tight and profound as the original and perhaps a bit forced. But that's just about as critical as I can get with the film. I'm very fond of Poltergeist II for it's visceral energy and it's all out weird factor. This entry is a lot more slimy and ooey gooey. It's got a maggot man, a preacher skeleton guy, and indians.

Oh yeah...

and Tangina!

01. The Power
02. Things
03. The Mall
04. Late Call
05. They're Back
06. Butterflies
07. The Visitor
08. Wild Braces
09. Leave Us Alone
10. The Smoke
11. The Worm
12. Back to Cuesta Verde
13. Reaching Out
14. Carol Anne's Theme

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