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Friday, August 7, 2009

Jurassic Park III 28 Track Promo/Don Davis

This is the promo score to Jurassic Park III around Academy time. I suppose I'm not as cranky as some movie goers 'cause I liked this movie. It's got Sam Neill and Dinos running around an island. It's not all that believable but I didn't find it all that abysmal. It's fun, fun, fun!

Don Davis is a fantastic composer and I believeable he did one of those rare good jobs of incorporating John Williams trademarks while incorporating his own sound. I remember spending around $20 on this score back in 2001. I got a 16 track CD including Randy Newman's "No Hat, No Cattle". So why the hell didn't I receive this 28 track complete score that came out months later? No, seriously. What is the big deal? Why can't I just receive the full score when I buy the soundtrack?

Well folks, here you are.
  1. "Isla Sorna Sailing Situation" - [4:22]
  2. "Alan and Ellie" - [1:42]
  3. "Udesky, Nash and Cooper" - [2:28]
  4. "Montana (Unused) - [1:17]
  5. "Alan Goes" - [1:54]
  6. "Dinosaur Fly-By" - [2:12]
  7. "Cooper's Last Stand" - [2:45]
  8. "Frenzy Fuselage" - [3:59]
  9. "Clash of Extinction (Unused)" - [1:40]
  10. "Kirby Paint and Tile Plus" - [4:06]
  11. "Bone Man Ben" - [3:38]
  12. "Raptor Eggs" - [2:52]
  13. "The Raptor Room" - [2:33]
  14. "The Raptor Repartee" - [3:26]
  15. "Eric Saves Alan" - [1:47]
  16. "Tree People" - [2:01]
  17. "Nash Calling" - [3:36]
  18. "Party Crasher" - [3:17]
  19. "Pteranodon Habitat" - [3:01]
  20. "Tiny Pecking Pteranodons" - [3:23]
  21. "Billy Oblivions" - [2:49]
  22. "Brachiosaurus On the Bank" - [2:07]
  23. "Reaching For Glory" - [2:31]
  24. "Underwater Attack" - [2:11]
  25. "Spinosaurus Confrontation" - [3:02]
  26. "River Reminiscence" - [1:08]
  27. "Ambush and Rescue" - [3:40]
  28. "The Hat Returns/ End Credits (Album)" - [5:22]

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