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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Event Horizon/Michael Kamen/Orbital

Okay so this is probably the best Science Fiction/Horror hybrid since "Alien". No. I'm not kidding.

There's a lot of argument over Pal W.S. Anderson's films but most will agree that this is his magnum opus.

The score by Kamen is effective and adds to the tension that's prominent throughout the film. The soundtrack album actually takes his score and remixes them in a weird way. This would typically sound like blaspheme but I really don't mind it. Not here anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I would like to have the entire untouched score but what Orbital did here is really awesome. It's got those dancey elements ya know? But I really wouldn't want to dance to this. The remix work compliments Michael Kamen's work. The score is definitely there, it's just being put to a paticular dance rythm at times.

I really must suggest this soundtrack for download. Immediately.

Listen.... because.... where we're going... we won't need eyes to see...

1. The Forward Decks (14:01)
a) Lewis And Clark,
b) Neptune,
c) Clare,
d) First Containment,
e) Core,
f) Metal,
g) Second Containment,
h) Air Lock
2. The Main Access Corridor (12:04)
a) Singularity,
b) Ducts,
c) Turbulence,
d) Medical,
e) Gravity Drive
3. Engineering (13:24)
a) Tomb,
b) Blood,
c) Countdown,
d) Outer Door,
e) Bio Scan
4. The Event Horizion (04:57)
a) Weir,
b) Event Horizon

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  1. Wow... thank you soooo much!
    And for the Saw soundtracks i just snuffled up ^_^
    So many good dark films and you cant get the awsome soundtracks that take you back to a wonderful feeling of grandure and dread.

    Thanks for this especially. It sounds amazing!