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Friday, July 31, 2009

Chopping Mall 23 Track Complete Bootleg/Chuck Cirino

This is one of my favorite 80's horror shlock movies. It's a lot of fun. This is a 23 track bootleg to a rather noisy 80's synth score that no one will appreciate unless you're someone like me and those are the people I've put up this blog for...

UPDATE: Someone in the comments section let us in on the fact that there is now an official release over at buysoundtrax.com. It's the Deathstalker II/Chopping Mall compliation. It has about 15 tracks of Chopping Mall music. I haven't heard this particular version yet so I can't say how it compares but consider what I provided a link for to most likely be a lesser version when it comes to sound quality, though the one I provide a link to is most likely a more complete version.

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Babe: Pig In The City/ Nigel Westlake

This is another one of my all time favorite movies and it features a Bull Terrier as well.

The score by Nigel Westlake adds to the often overwhelmingly doom and gloom feel of the feature.
Being that this sequel was directed by the dude who did the Mad Max films, it isn't surprising this took a slightly violent turn.

There are moments of dialog sprinkled throughout the soundtrack just like the first one. It would be nice to have the score without these elements but at the same time it doesn't seem out of place and is often amusing.

01. That'll Do - Peter Gabriel Feat. Paddy Maloney And The Black Dyke Mills Band
02. Babe: A Pig In The City - E.G. Daily
03. The Returning Hero - Mice & Cast
04. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
05. Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra With Tex Beneke & The Modernaires With Cast
06. Scram, This Is Not A Farm! - Mice & Cast
07. That's Amore - Dean Martin
08. Three Blind Mice - Cat Chorus
09. A Pig Gets Wise - Mice & Cast
10. Are You Lonesome Tonight - The Mavericks
11. Protected By Angels - The Chieftains Feat. The Black Dyke Mills Band
12. The Big City (Two Step Nadya) - The Terem Quartet
13. Babe's Lament - E.G. Daily
14. A Heart That's True - E.G. Daily
15. The End - Mice & Cast
16. That'll Do (Instrumental) - James Watson And The Black Dyke Mills Band

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jaws The Revenge Promo/Michael Small

Don't let the bad reputation of this sequel steer you from what is a pretty awesome score. I actually considered this my favorite sequel when I was a lot younger. It's been years since I've seen it, so I'm not sure what I'd think of it these days. I do believe it's a bit on the silly side though what with the psychic shark in the Bahamas (not too mention Bruce the shark isn't in greatest form either). But the opening attack where the dude gets his arm bitten off always freaked me out as a kid.

I do remember liking Loraine Gary and Michael Caine quite a bit and this score always stood out especially for the Main Title which was a really cool extension on the Jaws theme. I do own the original movie poster which I think is fantastic artwork...

This is a promo released back in 2000. This version contains a couple of bonus songs that were added by The Inferno Music Crypt not included on the original disc.

01. Main Title
02. Underwater
03. The Bahamas
04. Premonition
05. Moray Eel
06. Alive Or Dead
07. The Shark
08. Revenge & Final
09. Nail It To The Wall - Stacy Lattisaw (Bonus Track)
10. You Got It All - The Jets (Bonus Track)

Saw IV COMPLETE 61 Tracks/Charlie Clouser

I told you I'd have it and now here it is... the only other Evolution Partners Music complete score release to a Saw film (where the hell are Saw and Saw V complete scores?).

Of all the out of print scores that I have sought out these are some of the most mysterious to me. No one seems to know much about them or of their existence.

According to wikipedia this should have 63 tracks. But according to all of the other (and very few) resources there are 61 tracks. And that is just what I have found. And here, for your listening pleasure, I present to you: Saw IV.

01. Autopsy (mix 2)
02. Just Begun (mix 3)
03. Blind-Mute
04. SWAT Hall
05. Karen
06. Research
07. It Says...
08. Newspaper
09. Plastic
10. Hello, Rigg
11. Hair Puller A
12. Hair Puller B
13. Prints (alternate)
14. Hello, Brenda
15. Icebox
16. Jill Cold
17. Shivering (mix 1)
18. Room 261
19. Rigg Pigg (mix 2)
20. Mantra
21. Workshop
22. One Step
23. Bed Ripper
24. Teacher
25. Pregnant (mix 1)
26. Help Them
27. She Stays
28. Step Back (alternate)
29. It's Art (mix 4)
30. School Daze
31. Speared
32. Pulling
33. Save Yourself
34. New Game (alternate)
35. Hello, Perez
36. Recommend
37. Partners
38. Lesson
39. The Tool (mix 2)
40. Knife Face
41. Smash Clock
42. Gideon
43. Better Hope
44. Let Go
45. It's Art (mix 2)
46. Autopsy (mix 1)
47. Just Begun (mix 4)
48. Prints
49. Shivering (mix 2)
50. Cherish
51. Rigg Pig (mix 1)
52. Shivering (alternate)
53. Pregnant (mix 2)
54. Step Back
55. It's Art (mix 1)
56. Help Them (alternate)
57. Hair Scene
58. The Tool (mix 1)
59. New Game
60. It's Art (mix 3)
61. Just Begun (mix 1)

High Tension Bootleg

This was created and posted by The Tao Of Austin. You should really check that place out.

This is a really cool find. There are most of the standout score elements and the songs that complimented the film. Personal favorite piece is track 10 "Out of the Mundial"... rather depressing sounding. But I'm into this kind of thing.

1. Faustina Mauricio Mercedes, Part IV (3:43)
2. "Sara Perche Ti Amo" - Ricchi E Poveri (3:10)
3. "I Believe" - Scott Nickole/Jamie Dunlap/Molly Pasutti/Marc Ferrari; Killer Tracks (3:47)
4. Faustina Mauricio Mercedes (excerpt) (3:17)
5. "Runaway Girl (Just Another Girl)" - U Roy (3:47)
6. Paris Nice (4:05)
7. Celebration A2 (2:57)
8. "A Tout Les Filles" - Didier Barbelivien & FĂ©lix Gray (4:15)
9. "Pillow Talk" - Arch Bacon; Killer Tracks (1:33)
10. Out of the Mundial (6:16)
11. "New Born" - Muse (6:05)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saw II COMPLETE 56 Tracks/Charlie Clouser

This is the Evolution Partners Music release of Saw II. Again, this can't be found on their website anymore. It's rarely mentioned on any blog or on the web anywhere else except wikipedia.

Next up, hopefully, will be the Saw IV score. Having trouble at the moment obtaining it but give me time.

UPDATE: Thanks to B_Diddy for pointing out that the main download didn't feature track 14. Scroll down in the comments to see my reply along with a link for Track 14 "Jigsaw's Lair".

  1. Titles - 0:05
  2. Mirror - 1:09
  3. Puppet Video - 1:05
  4. Eye Panic - 0:38
  5. Bail out - 0:50
  6. Murder Scene - 0:27
  7. Puzzle Piece - 0:40
  8. Look Closer - 0:27
  9. Hands Full - 0:37
  10. Can't Sleep - 0:10
  11. Wilson Steel - 1:26
  12. Approach - 0:31
  13. Stair Cage - 0:55
  14. Jigsaws Lair - 1:21
  15. The Problem - 1:04
  16. There Will Be Blood - 1:07
  17. Give Me a Phone - 0:18
  18. Jigsaws Message - 0:24
  19. Wake Up - 0:22
  20. Mandy - 0:55
  21. Greetings - 1:17
  22. Eye Shot - 0:57
  23. Ive Played Before - 1:53
  24. Open Door - 0:43
  25. Game Plan - 1:05
  26. Sit Down - 0:32
  27. Macho Bullshit - 1:40
  28. Dummy - 0:58
  29. Hello Obi - 0:56
  30. Bullshit - 1:46
  31. Oven - 2:36
  32. The Cure - 0:05
  33. Your Son - 0:39
  34. Doctors Office - 0:29
  35. Car Crash - 0:39
  36. You Survived - 0:39
  37. It's a Trap - 1:33
  38. Hello Xavier - 0:29
  39. Needle Pit - 1:46
  40. Thats Enough - 1:15
  41. His Work - 1:35
  42. Third Drawer - 1:28
  43. Understand - 0:31
  44. Jonas - 1:21
  45. Father Photo - 1:13
  46. Can't Trust You - 1:13
  47. Xavier Photo - 1:05
  48. Ill Take You - 1:38
  49. Fucking Door - 2:22
  50. Shit Hole - 0:41
  51. Cut Necks - 1:46
  52. Eric Approaches - 0:06
  53. Not live - 0:45
  54. Stabbed - 0:20
  55. Conscious - 0:31
  56. Hello Eric - 3:02

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Saw III COMPLETE 54 Tracks/Charlie Clouser

This is a nice one. Of the scores for the Saw series, this one has always been my personal favorite with IV a close second.

There was an album release in the U.S. that saw one instrumental track, "Shithole Theme". In Germany there was a 2 disc set where the second disc contained 27 tracks of score.

This version for you is the Evolution Music Partners release. 54 tracks of pure completeness. This is all I know. I have no idea whether this was up on their site at some point or it got a limited CD release. I have no idea. There website offers very little looking at it.

I am busy hunting down big ass scores for Saw II and IV which are definitely out there. Unfortunately, there is nothing when it comes to Saw V though.

  1. Open Titles
  2. Footcuffed
  3. Smashfoot
  4. SWAT Team
  5. In Chains A
  6. Amanda
  7. Chain Links
  8. Welded Shut
  9. Bathtub
  10. On Camera
  11. Rib Caged
  12. Hello, Kerry
  13. Acid Hand
  14. Divorce
  15. Trauma Room
  16. Pressure
  17. Pignapped
  18. In Chains B
  19. Hello, Lynn
  20. Hello, Jeff
  21. Drunk
  22. Daughter
  23. Tin Box
  24. Dr. Lynn
  25. It's Begun
  26. Stupid Cunt
  27. Convulsions
  28. Face Fears A
  29. Face Fears B
  30. Freezer Room
  31. Tin Son
  32. Lynn Lair
  33. Be Surprised
  34. Some Things
  35. Doll House
  36. Pig Room
  37. Pig Juicer
  38. Prep
  39. Surgery
  40. Near Death
  41. Baptism
  42. Shithole
  43. The Ring
  44. Flashlight
  45. Tin Daughter
  46. Hello, Tim
  47. The Rack
  48. Lynn Talks
  49. Rules
  50. Fight Eric
  51. Fix Me
  52. Your Test
  53. Our Choice
  54. Final Test

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Hellraiser: Hellseeker (aka Part 6)/Stephen Edwards

I'm a pretty big fan of the Hellraiser series... of the straight to DVD sequels, this one is my favorite.

The score is a nice piece of ambiance, with a really good stand out main title theme.

01. Main Title
02. Brian Surgery
03. Detective at Hospital
04. Rage Against the Bus
05. Back Home
06. Spaced Out Office
07. Card Flashback
08. Gwen in Lunch Room
09. After Gwen Leaves
10. Cop Flashback
11. Cop Hanshake
12. Skinhead; Eel
13. Home Video
14. Gwen in Apartment
15. Sage; Box
16. Pinhead
17. Detective Givens
18. Buddy at Station
19. Box Flashback
20. Allison's Office
21. Two Faces
22. Cash Cow; Plan
23. Bus to Sage
24. Trevor in ER
25. Warehouse; Arrest
26. Trevor in Custody
27. To Basement
28. Morgue
29. Finale

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Snow Dogs/John Debney

Haven't seen this movie in years, but I know I thought it was a lot better family fare than what the critics made it out to be. It was dumb and harmless and pretty entertaining.

The music stood out to me and I rushed out to get the soundtrack. Alas, there wasn't one available. And I so loved the triumphant main theme...

7 years later I randomly find out online somewhere that there was a promo released. This is it. I love this score.

01. I'm adopted
02. Flight to tolketna
03. Ted meets the dogs
04. Ted outsmarts demon
05. Romance and snowflakes
06. First sled ride
07. Ted down the mountain
08. Saying goodbye
09. Heart to heart
10. Race day
11. Racing to alaska
12. A hero's decision
13. I'm your father
14. To the finish line
15. They're coming in
16. A new start

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Tentacles/Stelvio Cipriani

Tentacles is a movie that I haven't seen since I was probably 12 or so. I love nature strikes back films of any kind even the Jaws rip offs. It's my thing. I'm dying to see it again.

I find myself popping in this groovy soundtrack way more than I should be. Guilty. Oh so guilty. God help me.

1. Small Town Pleasures (03:12)
2. She'll Never Come Back (02:47)
3. My Son's Friend Is A Champion Pisser (02:20)
4. Summer And Winter (02:33)
5. San Diego, Yellow Cab (02:48)
6. Happines is Having Two Killer Whales As Friends (03:54)
7. Too Risky A Day For A Regatta (03:44)
8. Sorry, I Have To Go (02:35)
9. Scotch For Two (01:54)
10. The Killer Whales' Game (02:27)
11. The Capture Of The Giant Octopus (01:45)
12. Two Old Kids (03:00)
13. Tentacles (04:21)

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Return To Oz/David Shire

As a fan of the Oz books by L Frank Baum, I have to say I'm a way bigger fan of this movie than the MGM musical. This movie has the look,feel and attitude just right.

It's unfortunate that this was Walter Murch's only film he'd direct. It bombed and hardly anybody out there understood it. Why was it so grim? Where were the singing munchkins?

David Shire's score fully compliments the imagery to a T. It's kind of got that turn of the century ragtime feel to it, which is when these books were being written.

The film and score happen to be amongst my favorite things ever.

1. Dorothy Remembers/Home/The Ride to Dr. Worley's (04:20)
2. Ozma/The Fight In The Storm (03:56)
3. Oz/The Ruined House (04:53)
4. The Deserted City/The Wheelers/ Tik Tok ( 04:55)
5. Mombi's Hall Of Heads (02:47)
6.Jack Pumpkinhead (02:48)
7.The Flight Of The Gump (03:58)
8. Dorothy And The Nome King/The Ornament Room (04:27)
9. The Defeat Of The King/ The Restoration (06:09)
10. The Mirror (02:36)
11. Finale And End Credits (Theme From "Return To Oz")(4:26)
12.The "Return To Oz" Ragtime March (02:44)

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eXistenZ/Howard Shore

Subtlety is key with this soundtrack and it works in a way that made Silence of the Lambs the great score it was. That's why this is my second favorite score by Howard Shore behind Silence of the Lambs.

Eerie, haunting, elusive. Just like the story Cronenberg is telling. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

1 eXistenZ by Antenna
2 MetaFlesh Game-Pods
3 reality bleed through effect
4 UmbyCord
5 organic pod technology
6 pop your spine with a little hydro-gun
7 a genuine game urge
8 insect boards
9 original Marway tissue architecture
10 Viral Ecstasy
11 trout farm
12 genius in a game-pod
13 what's so special about the special?
14 hypoallergenic weapons
15 an element of psychosis
16 traumatized nervous system
17 Anti-eXistenZialists
18 industrial espionage happens
19 TranscendenZ by PilgrImage
20 it neural-surged

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Rose Red/Gary Chang

This is a nice quality 15 track bootleg for the TV Mini-series "Rose Red" composed by Gary Chang.

I remember liking this movie and remembered the soundtrack stood out as being particularly good. After listening to it (twice) today, I must say it makes for an excellent stand alone listen.

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Rude Dog/Intro Theme

Never before available. I did some mastering work on the theme for Rude Dog.

Here ya go...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wizards/End Credits

Really wish I could find something related to this soundtrack... but nothing.
I love this film. Ralph Bakshi, director of adult animated flicks "Fritz The Cat" and "American Pop" called this his first "family film". Yeah right.

Here you get the one and only song that appears twice in the film, including the end credits. It's called "Only Time Will Tell" performed by Jesse Welles and it's the one and only piece of music you'll probably ever hear out of the movie.

However, I am attempting to contact composer Andrew Belling...

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Mountaintop Motel Massacre/End Credits

Ron Di Iulio... I don't even know how to pronounce that.

Anyways, this is the name of the guy who composed the score to the low low budget 80's schlocktastical horror feature "Mountaintop Motel Massacre".

God I love this shit.

I don't have much to say except that there will never be a soundtrack available. Eh but that's okay. We'll all most definitely live. This is all you need... eh, "need" is hardly the word... but you want it.

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Leviathan/Jerry Goldsmith

I love nice little surprises. I haven't seen this movie in probably 15 years but I decided to plug this in being that I'm a Jerry Goldsmith fanatic.

WOW. This is good stuff. Let it be said that there isn't much in terms of themes and things you'll be humming all day long but this does stand out as being a riveting sc-fi action score!

To me it sounds as if you put his scores to Psycho II and Poltergeist in a blender with a pinch of the punch that makes Total Recall the great score it is.

Gotta love the synthesized whale sounds that are prominent in the first track.

Highly recommended.

1. Underwater camp (03:23)
2. Decompression (03:16)
3. Discovery (05:24)
4. One of us (01:41)
5. The Body Within (04:33)
6. Escape Bubbles (03:37)
7. Can we fix it (03:23)
8. Situation under control (01:49)
9. It's growing (03:10)
10. Too Hot (03:22)
11. A Lot better (03:31)

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Masters Of Horror/Main Titles

What a shame... there's some great music going on in this series but the official soundtrack is a compilation of songs by Mudvayne or Avenged Sevenfold.

Not knocking those artists, but at least give me the Main Titles by Edward Shearmur which itself was a hard edged industrialized piece.

Oh well, that's all I can provide for you right now dear reader.

Not all hope is lost though. Through my research I see there are 4 tracks of score for the episode "Sick Girl" on the soundtrack for the movie "May". I'll have to look into that later on.

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Garbage Pail Kids The Movie OST

I collected Garbage Pail Kids cards like crazy when I was a kid of the 80's. I rented this numerous times on video. Amazing how glorious something can seem when you're little. I had no idea how bad this movie was. However, I still find it entertaining as hell to watch being that it's one of the most inept movies ever made. And I have a lot of fond memories with the GBK.

01. Electricity - David Lawrence
02. Big Big Man - The Beat Farmers
03. Not a Soul Around - Ed Kuepper
04. Key to the World - The Beat Farmers
05. One Down, Two Down - Hykim & Lady Dianna
06. Follow (Also Sprach the King of Eurodisco) - Ed Kuepper
07. You Can Be a Garbage Pail Kid - Jimmy Scarlett & The Dimensions
08. I'm Ready to Sacrifice - Debbie Lytton
09. Working with Each Other - The Garbage Pail Kids

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Demons 2

I like this one about as much as the first actually. I remember this being one of the first movies I ever saw. I was sitting on the couch in the dark with my parents who had rented it. Yes, I saw lots of horror movies when I was around 4-8. Then for some reason I wasn't really allowed for a long while after that (unless they aired on tv and even then I was kind of restricted at times) I suppose my parents had religious mood swings...

This movie is gory as shit and features a really moody score by Simon Boswell. This soundtrack only features a couple tracks by Simon Boswell but... songs by "The Producers" and "Caduta Massi" are actually Simon Boswell too! I'm guessing this was a way to make the album look more full of various artists. So there are a total of 5 tracks of original score. There's some ok songs thrown in there too. The Cult and The Smiths make an appearance.

1. Demonica
Simon Boswell
2. Rain
The Cult
3. Backbeat
The Art Of Noise
4. Heartache
Gene Loves Jezebel
5. Life In T.V.
The Producers
6. Blue Heart
Peter Murphy
7. Sally's Garage
Caduta Massi
8. Panic
The Smiths
9. Demon's Groove
Simon Boswell
10. Power
Fields Of The Nephilim
11. De Profundis
Dead Can Dance
12. Kundalini Express
Love And Rockets
13. Blood And Fame
Caduta Massi
14. How It Shone
Pierce Turner

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Amityville Horror ORIGINAL 1979 Release!

This is a rip of the original 12 track vinyl that came out back in 1979 when the movie was released. It's a gorgeous sounding score with one of horror's all time greatest themes. LAAA LAAAA! LAAA LAAA!! Glorious!

It also contains a disco dance mix called "Amityville Frenzy"! FOR GODS SAKE! GET IT!

In 2002 there was a rerelease. Around this time I had a little website dedicated to my Amityville obsession and I was contacted by someone who worked for Lalo Schifrin. She let me know if I put an advertisement on my site she'd send me a copy autographed by the composer! Sure enough, I got a copy, signed and PERSONALIZED! Woot!

I have the insert framed on my wall actually. Ah, memories. I will always remember the kindness of Lalo Schifrin.

I really don't like saying this but unfortunately the rerelease, though it's been extended to 17 tracks, pails in comparison to the original release. It was all rerecorded with synthesized choir replacing real choir. Also the tempo seems to have been brought waaay down. Disappointing as all of this is, what baffles me the most is that the mixing and mastering is all muddy. Sometimes there are moments where it sounds like the music clips and you actually cringe while listening. What happened? FOR FUCKS SAKE! WHAT HAPPENED?! This is a 2002 release of a 1979 soundtrack and it sounds like it was recorded with a Fisherprice microphone. I'm not ungrateful for the friendly gesture of Lalo Schifrin by any means, I'm happy to have received this. But this particular recording needed a better mastering job.

It's all a mystery to me. Perhaps the Amityville curse is on anything to do with it these days. Hell, just look at that travesty of a remake that came out years ago. Not long after that George Lutz passed away.

Anyways, here is the original release and though it may not contain as much music as the newer release, I would just stick to this one.

1. Amityville Frenzy
2. Amityville Horror Main Title
3. Get Out
4. Amityville Love Scene
5. The Wind
6. 5th Concerto For Harpsichord And Strings
7. At The Park
8. The Ax
9. Juke Box
10. The Basement
11. Bleeding Walls
12. Amityville Horror End Credits

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Howling III/Wipe Your Tears/Vitamin Z

Wow, this one took a lot of research.

The end credits of The Howling III featured a song called "Wipe Your Tears" by a band called "Vitamin Z". It always stuck with me long after the credits had rolled. There's a small "maybe" as to whether there was a soundtrack release for this film. And if there was, there is no telling at this point if this song was featured on that record. Not to mention finding any albums by this band is a hard thing to come by even through blogspots and search engines. Come to find out, this song is indeed featured on an album of theirs titled "Sharp Stone Rain".

I just so happened to find someone who had this album on one of my favorite download programs. It took some convincing to get him to transfer it over to me. I received it, but to my dismay it was a totally different version than heard in the film. Talk about a bummer.

So what I present to you here is the version heard in the films end credits.

As for the film itself, it's my second favorite Howling movie. It's a stupid 80's b movie about werewolves and it knows it. The only flaw I really have with the movie is that it seems to want us to take it a bit too seriously towards the end. It gets all melodramatic and sappy, but there is a spin at the end that makes me wonder if it did all that as a joke. Kind of. Maybe. I dunno. Weird movie. Nice poster too.

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Mankind/Alice Cooper

This is most likely the hardest song to obtain by Alice Cooper. It never saw the light of day on disc. Mankind was written for the atrocious piece of shit "film", "Bloodrayne". Directed by Uwe Boll. More like Ooey Bowels to me. The guy just can't make a watchable movie, yet he's directed more than most great directors. Alice Cooper deserves better than this. However, as expected, the Coop churned out a driving piece of music.

Unfortunately it's hard as fuck to find. It was only available as a free download whilst the official website was up and running for the brief period of time that it ran in theaters (probably less than a week).


Blood stains the walls
Of the halls that I crawl
In the graves embrace

The dead guard the doors
When the king plans his wars
Against heaven's grace

Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now, kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now, kill now

Mankind, Mankind
Mankind is a cancer on the world

I'm cursed with the thirst
You won't be my first
My lips are stained

I say nothing more
Than corpse on the floor
I feel no pain

Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now, kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now
Tell me what I'm gonna have to kill now, kill now

Mankind, Mankind
Mankind is a cancer on the world
Mankind is a cancer on the world

["I mean you no harm. My mission is my own and not of evil intent. I seek redemption in finding the man that condemned me.. who raped my mother..."]

Mankind is a cancer on the world
Mankind is a cancer on the world

Kill them all...

There was also a music video which features a slightly different version (and no Alice, we do NOT have to see the movie. Your song is all we need):

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Clifford/MainTitle/Richard Gibbs

Okay, now here is a score I have seriously been wanting to obtain in some way shape or form for years. "Clifford" is a rather obscure comedy, looked down upon actually, but I like it. In the early 90's we were getting all of those 'bad kid' comedies like "Problem Child" and "Dennis The Menace". Martin Short had his take on the genre with "Clifford". I liked his take best actually.

"But I didn't say 'Nice wig', Uncle Martin, I said 'Bestest-looking wig'. I believe there is a difference."

The score by Richard Gibbs is big and bold. Unfortunately what I am presenting here is not the entire score. Merely the opening credits. But this is something of a suite that encompasses a bulk of the themes heard in the movie.

Until I have the equipment and know-how to make a bootleg score rip from the DVD, this is the most anyone is going to get from the score to "Clifford". Unless you're Richard Gibbs of course.

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Psycho III

As a film, this one doesn't live up to Psycho and Psycho II. But somehow it's not unsatisfying either. It's definitely a solid 80's dark comedy that stands out.

It's a fun watch and completes a story (even though it could have just ended at II as well, I think).

It's been awhile since I've seen it, but there is a lot more "Mother" going on in this one.

"Why can't you leave my poor son, my poor Norman alone?"

Carter Burwell's score is actually a solid effort. The main title theme that plays throughout the film is a somber one. Pretty moody and effective. Interestingly you hear Norman Bates playing the theme on piano in a scene, and it's played in cheesy dance form over a jukebox in a scene.

The download includes the "Scream Of Love" single.

1. Scream of Love (03:47)
Theme song from the Motion Picture "Psycho III". Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and David Sanborn
2. Maureen in the Desert (01:56)
3. Dirty Street (03:37)
Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and Stanton-Miranda
4. Before and After Shower (03:36)
5. Warm as a Cry for Help (02:20)
6. Sisters / Catherine Mary (04:13)
Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and Stanton-Miranda
7. Mother? (02:45)
8. Bad Boys and body Bags (03:53)
9. Revenge of a Thankless Child (02:47)
10. Electroshock Waiting Room (01:45)

Link in comments.

Psycho II

This score isn't quite as hard to find as some of the others I have listed but it's way out of print and I also consider it to be one of my top 5 favorite Jerry Goldsmith scores.

The movie itself shouldn't be overlooked. A rare example of what a sequel should be... it goes in a totally different direction while still being darkly humorous and scary.

While the original is a masterpiece and I consider it to be one of my top favorite films, this one holds a special place in my heart as well. Also Quentin Tarantino once said he preferred this to the original believe it or not.

1. The Murder* (00:57)
Composed by Bernard Herrmann
2. Main Title (01:37)
3. Don't Take Me (04:48)
4. Mother's Room (04:01)
5. It's Not Your Mother (05:11)
6. New Furniture (02:04)
7. The Cellar (04:02)
8. Blood Bath (03:37)
9. End Title (04:13)

Link in comments...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Planet Of Dinosaurs

I just know millions of you have been aching and yearning and whining for a complete film score to the 1978 film "Planet Of Dinosaurs"!

No? Damn... I have. BUT!
What I have provided for myself and perhaps the very few nostalgia geeks like myself (whom of which will most likely, unfortunately, never find this blog) is the Main Titles music by the far from Oscar winning Kelly Lammers and John O'Verlin (this was their only score, but it's actually really good for an old 80's sci-fi b movie!). I have done some mild mastering work so it doesn't sound quite as fuzzy as it would when listening to it on videocassette. It's not the greatest quality but it works.

This was seriously a movie I popped in constantly as a kid. Along with my "Dinoriders" VHS and my tapped copy of "Dinosaur!" documentary narrated by Christopher Reeve, this was one of the most watched Dino-Vids I viewed.

Sure, it's a low grade B-movie, but I really like the stop motion animation and the bad acting. And in all honesty, the synthesized score gave this a moody feel unlike what you might hear in a movie featuring dinosaurs (somehow typically orchestral).

Link in comments...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Frankenweenie Score/David Newman

So here is the film score for Tim Burton's first live action project "Frankenweenie".

This is the 5 track bootleg that might take you awhile to find anywhere else... someone did a decent job extracting the score from all of the sound effects and dialog. It's most likely the only way we'll get to hear this fantastic score since an official release isn't anywhere in the foreseeable future. Oddly enough, the end credits weren't included on the bootleg. Extremely odd to me since that is the easiest piece of music to extract from the film. So I did it myself. Only at the Junkyard Sanctuary will you find the COMPLETE score to Frankenweenie. Enjoy. (link in comments)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Lots DVD Box Set Insanity!

...So you should head on over to your local run down Big Lots where you can find loads of random DVD's and DVD BOX SETS (!) for $3. I learned this news over at The Manchester Morgue.

After learning the news I ran out the door immediately. I didn't find the Tales From The Crypt box sets that are apparently turning up at some stores but I did snag the Max Fleischer Popeye Vol 1 set. I even saw some Super Friends Volumes.

Day Of The Animals

As I post this I'm currently watching William Girdler's "Day of the Animals" aka "Something is Out There".

It has to be the king of 70's low budget nature strikes back films just for the mere fact that it's not just about a particular species like "Piranha", "Squirm", "Grizzly", etc... it's about all animals at one time kicking our human asses for letting the earth's ozone layer fry.

Ha! Jumping mice! You have GOT to see this movie!

"The rats! The rats have gone crazy!"

Nice score by Lalo Schifrin as well...

Here is the 6 track bootleg... a rare find. Link in comments.

Rude Dog Lookback/Bull Terriers

So does anyone remember the late 80's brand of clothing that came out by Sun Sportswear called 'Rude Dog'? It became big and even became a short lived Saturday morning cartoon series.

I'm pretty sure I had a shirt or two or something to do with this line. I remember vaguely catching the cartoon on tv a few times back then too.

Best thing about this merchandise was that Rude Dog was a Bull Terrier. My favorite breed.

Too bad, despite my thorough research, I haven't found a way to find a high quality mp3 of the opening/closing theme music. I believe there were three VHS releases. It ran for one season but I don't believe even these three tapes contain all of the cartoons. This is one DVD, I for one, hope to see. But it seems to be one of those things that have slipped so far into obscurity, no one is even thinking about releasing it. But I've been wrong before...

Unfortunately the merchandise and cartoon was yanked because it was said that the character was being confused with another famous Bull Terrier mascot at the time... Budweiser's own Spuds MacKenzie.

I suppose Bull Terriers are just too 'rude' for the kiddies... Hell, even Disney refused to release Tim Burton's first live action film 'Frankenweenie' in theaters in front of an animated film for being too 'scary'.

But lo and behold, Tim Burton's name got big and Disney released it finally on VHS and it aired many times on the Disney Channel as far as I remember.

There is a 5 track bootleg of David Newman's soundtrack out there. Rather muddy sounding and doesn't feature the end credits music (weird being it should be the easiest piece to obtain since there is no dialog or sound effects to mute out!) but it's certainly better than nothing...

A feature length stop motion animated version of the film is due soon...

Also there is a rather obscure French film that's gained a small cult following. It's called 'Baxter'.

It's a terrific film I recommend to anybody with a sick and twisted sense of humor.

If you thought 'American Psycho' was the funniest film since Caddyshack then this may be your cup of tea. It's essentially about a Bull Terrier that just can't find the right owner for him and ends up wanting to kill everyone who takes him in. Rightfully so I think... I was rooting for our four legged Norman Bates the entire time.

See also, Babe: Pig in the City. It's too late in the night for me to go on about how much I love this film. It's a better film than the original. A film with so many stylistic qualities and nuances from director George Miller (Mad Max)that I can't even start or I'll go off on extreme tangents.

Let me just say to you SEE IT. It features a Bull Terrier which is referred to unfortunately as a 'Pit Bull'. The film is so good and cast such a remarkable light on the BT that I won't hold the false title of his breed against the film.

He and Babe hold the films most memorable scenes. Oh yeah, the film is unexpectedly violent as well.

The score by Nigel Westlake is heartwarming as well has heartwrenching at times.

The only film that I can't consider all that dark that features a bull terrier is a Disney film called 'The Incredible Journey'.

I proudly own that poster actually...

It was remade years later and retitled 'Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'... a fun film I remember but replaced Bodger the Bull Terrier with a bulldog named Chance... the others stayed the same breed... boo.

So yes, I suppose overall the breed is looked at as something slightly adult and maybe even mildly scary. That itself is another blog on the breed. But as for myself... well, I for one know that a Bull Terrier is anything but... the silliest creature I know is my very own Bishop...

UPDATE: The full bootleg score to Frankenweenie is finally listed a couple of blogs above this one!

Popeye- First Post

'Popeye' was a film my parents saw on their honeymoon in 1980.

It gets a 4.8 rating on imdb.com which is a real shame. Director Robert Altman obviously knew the material well because I seriously can't imagine a more faithful true live production of the comic and Max Fleischer cartoon. It's just lavish. I don't even believe it's gained much of a cult following either... it's hard to find a person that doesn't go 'Oh that piece of shit' when you mention it... I really don't think these people understood the world of Popeye to begin with!

And the soundtrack is just as marvelous.

There was a 12 track LP released at the time of release it was never released officially on CD...

Years ago before I did as much research on film scores/soundtracks as I do now, I made my own DVD Rip of the soundtrack. The final film versions have slightly different orchestrations and nuances than appear on the album. I kick myself for not knowing where the hell it is right now but it exists somewhere in my archives. However after listening to the actual album I prefer the album versions. They sound gloriously crisp and glossed over.

'Sweet Haven' may be my favorite and 'He Needs Me' is also marvelous but I think the track that stood out for me most was 'Kids' which is primarily an instrumental track with Ray Walston rambling to infinity about... well, kids. It goes on and on and on and on. It's hilarious. It reminded me a lot of me actually.

Only things I don't like are that "Everything is Food" and "End Credits" doesn't show up anywhere on the album. And being that the former was a complete song it baffles me as to how it didn't make it on the album. But I found where someone had ripped those off the DVD like I did years ago. So they are included in the download I have provided.

Also there is what I consider to be a completely different album which is nothing but the original demos by Harry Nilsson.

An interesting listen and highly enjoyable but most likely only to those who are huge fans of the film like myself.

So in all you have The Album:
I Yam What I Yam
He Need Me
Swee' Pea's Lullaby
Din' We

Blow Me Down
It's Not Easy Bein' Me
He's Large
I'm Mean
I'm Popeye The Sailor Man

Two DVD rip Tracks:
Everything is Food
End Credits Suite

And the Harry Nilsson Demos:
I Yam What I Yam (demo)
He Needs Me (demo) (vocals: Shelley Duvall)
' Pea's Lullaby (demo)
Din' We (demo)
Blow Me Down (demo)
' (rehearsal w/ Van Dyke Parks)
It's Not Easy Being Me (demo)
Everybody's Got To Eat (Wimpy's Song) (demo)
I'm Mean (demo)
Kids (demo)
I'm Popeye The Sailor Man (demo)
Everything Is Food (demo)
He Needs Me (Spanish Version)
I Yam What I Yam (Instrumental)

Now, when I get around to it, I'll try and hunt down the actual final film version DVD rip soundtrack I made years and years ago and post it here... links are in the comments section for the original soundtrack vinyl rip w/ "Everything is Food" and "End Credits" DVD rip. The second link is for the Harry Nilsson Demo Album.