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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle Promo/Mark Mothersbaugh

This is a promo release for the underrated Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle film.

It was pretty much just like the old cartoon with plenty of jabs at modern pop culture without seeming like a pop culture reference movie. It was definitely for the fans.

Everyone else just won't get it.

It's a great bombastic action score that also uses a lot of the classic cartoon "mickey mousing" techniques by the great Mark Mothersbaugh.

1. Logo & Opening Titles (00:30)
2. Hard Times in Frostbite Falls (00:51)
3. Rocky the Flying Squirrel (00:34)
4. From Pottsylvannia to Hollywood (01:38)
5. The Green Light (02:26)
6. Frenetical Action / Green Light Shines (01:00)
7. On the Highway / The Test Machine (01:00)
8. Zombie Drone / Secret Agent Man (01:15)
9. Fearless Leader / Boris Badenov (01:31)
10. Boris and Natasha (00:52)
11. The Bitter End (01:17)
12. Zombified People / Big Action (02:20)
13. Implausibly Coincidental (00:50)
14. Chase on the Runway / Hang On! (03:17)
15. Hail, Hail Pottsylvania (00:44)
16. Put Your Hands Up! / Vegomatic (05:16)
17. Rocky and Bullwinkle Save the Day (04:40)
18. America the Beautiful (01:10)
19. A Really Happy Ending (01:56)
20. Through the Eyes of A Child (04:31)

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