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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gremlins: The Soundtrack Batch/Jerry Goldsmith/Various Artists

This is the Junkyard's biggest post yet! It took a couple of nights getting this together for your enjoyment.


First up we have the first Gremlins movie. Classic stuff. I don't even have to go into how this is a childhood classic for all of us who were kids in the 80's. The great score by the great Jerry Goldsmith didn't get a full score release. It got a measly four tracks on the official album (around 16 minutes worth of score). However this was better than nothing and of course it included the great Gremlin rag.

So here for your enjoyment is the official album release for Gremlins.

01. Michael Sembello - Gremlins Mega Madness

02. Quarterflash - Make It Shine

03. Peter Gabriel - Out Out

04. Jerry Goldsmith - Gift

05. Jerry Goldsmith - Gizmo

06. Jerry Goldsmith - Mrs Deagle

07. Jerry Goldsmith - Gremlin Rag


Now here is the 21 Track Bootleg Score. This is the first Gremlins Bootleg Score to be released. The sound quality is pretty good. No intrusive sound effects or anything. The only real flaw is that there is a mild hiss noise throughout the score. It's not terribly noticeable but it's obviously a bootleg and not a mastered album. But quite frankly I prefer this bootleg to anything else. The last 3 tracks are from Twilight Zone: The Movie. The only reason I'm keeping those with it is because it was a part of this bootleg for a long time and in order to escape confusion they are kept in there.

As a BONUS I added a 22nd track to the 21 Track Bootleg. It is the Gremlins Suite that Jerry Goldsmith performed on the album "Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith".

01. Fanfare and Prologue (04:35)

02. Late For Work (01:46)

03. Mrs. Deagle (02:17)

04. The Gift (02:15)

05. Pop Goes The Gremlin (03:00)

06. Billy And Katey (02:53)

07. Gremlins On The Loose (01:24)

08. Mom Vs. The Gremlins (04:01)

09. Stripe Blows His Nose (01:12)

10. A Gremlin Goes Postal (00:46)

11. Deagledeagledeagle (02:21)

12. The Gremlins Attack (02:05)

13. Billy To The Rescue - A Christmas Story (03:27)

14. Movie Theatre - Explosion (02:38)

15. Hunting Stripe (03:33)

16. Gizmo Saves The Day (05:41)

17. Bye, Billy (02:57)

18. The Gremlin Rag (04:08)

19. Twilight Zone Theme (00:42)

20. It's A Good Life (10:33)

21. Overture and End Titles (06:02)

22. Gremlins Suite- From Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith

Now, I have come across various "Complete" Gremlins soundtrack that vary from 40 to 46 tracks. I was going to post the 46 track version I found but I can't verify it at all in searches. And to be honest these "Complete" versions suck "complete" ass in sound quality. Especially when compared to the FAR superior 21 track version in 320 kbps . If I come across one of the complete soundtracks with decent quality I'll post it here but otherwise stick to the two soundtracks above.


On to the sequel folks...


This score I find to be a slightly more enjoyable listen overall. I love the original for it's old school Goldsmith style but this one is just as cinematic as scores get and of course the quality of sound here is much better to as this was an official score release. Not nearly complete mind you... but a pretty solid soundtrack that I grew up with. If any of you know of an Expanded bootleg, let me know. I included a bonus track to this one. It's the music that plays when the Brain Gremlin makes a Bat Gremlin. It was from Goldsmith's score for The Burbs.

01. Just You Wait
02. Gizmo Escapes
03. Leaky Faucet
04. Cute...
05. Pot Luck
06. The Visitors
07. Teenage Mutant Gremlins
08. Keep It Quiet
09. No Rats
10. Gremlin Pudding
11. New Trends
12. Gremlin Credits
13. Bonus Track- Bat Gremlin (My Skull / The Gurney From The 'Burbs)


Next up is the song album. I found this on a blog somewhere a long time ago.


1. The Merry Go Round Broke Down-

2. I’m Ready- Fats Domino

3. Situation- Jeff Beck Group

4. Damn Yankees

5. Bombers in the Sky- Thompson Twins

6. Tuff Boy- Jasmine Guy

7.Touch Me- Private Life

8. If You Could Read My Mind- Gotrdon Lightfoot

9. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

10. Sling Shot- Jeff Beck

11. Surprise! You’re Dead!- Faith No More

12. Angel Of Death- Slayer

13. Theme From NY, NY

14. Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor- Bach

15. Rhapsody in Blue- George Gershwin

16. The Merry Go Round Broker Down (That’s All Folks)

17. The Big Sign-Off



This last download is for two albums... in it you'll find the old soundtrack for the NES Game as well as the remix album G2EP...

I'm not one to listen to old school video game scores, but what I've heard of G2EP is pretty cool.

Gremlins 2 The Game
1. Title Screen
2. Cutscene Display
3. The Office
4. Ventilation Shafts
5. T.V. Set
6. Under Pressure
7. Mr. Wing's Shop
8. Gremlin Battle
9. The Big Battle
10. Game Over
11. Stage Clear
12. Ending

1. Billy's Office
2. Air Ducts_Cutscene
3. Mr. Wing's Shop
4. Clamp Enterprises
5. Game Over_Genetic Lab_Level
6. Boss
7. Control Center
8. Ending_Title Screen


That's it folks!


  1. Where's the download link for the first Gremlins Bootleg?

  2. Ah, thanks for letting me know about that! All fixed.

  3. Thanks for fixing the link ( I commented on another account). Just came across working links for the Alien "Spanish" Bootleg. This seems to fit in well with your remit of very rare soundtracks. Hope you can use it.


    Lots of luck with the blog - I'll be visiting regularly.

  4. hey old friend. i'm gonna check out the gremlins nes soundtracks. loved the music in those nes games, thanks for posting pal.

  5. stereoelf, thanks for the links. I'll be sure to check that out! Won't be long before I make a few Alien related posts. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I love to know people are enjoying this stuff

    Ripper, how's it going? Thanks for dropping by. The G2EP is a real treat if you like the video game stuff. Honestly something quite enjoyable to listen to.

  6. Thought I'd chime in on this post too, since this one surely took some time - I can't imagine doing all this work, only to have people not comment! These scores are ready for a real revisit, great stuff by the Maestro. I remember my kid bro and I getting our asses kicked for a full weekend in the early 90's with the Nintendo Gremlins 2 game, so not a lot of good memories there! There first film boot you put up is the best - there is a really shitty complete version floating around, and some of those cues are great, but they sound horrible. It's only a matter of time before Intrada or Varese gets their paws on this baby! Same with the sequel......

  7. Yeah, I have that more complete 40 track version but it totally blows in sound quality. Not much fun to listen to. Which is a shame since it has some good cues from the film not featured in the shorter but superior sounding bootleg.
    I'm betting that one day Intrada will expand upon this score. Hopefully in a similar fashion to their fantastic Alien expanded set.

    I remember playing the Gremlins 2 game back when it first come out and not liking it since I couldn't get past the first level. I was really young though but somehow remember that vaguely.