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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final Destination/Shirley Walker

So in celebration of The Final Destination, the 4th film (and final film?...ha ) in the franchise having been released this past weekend, I bring you a special treat.

Here is the 31 Track Complete Bootleg score for Shirley Walker's eerie score for the original first film. It's decent quality as I'm sure it was lifted off of the DVD Isolated Score.

I caught this movie on DVD right before the second one went to theaters. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. Of the mass amounts of teen horror crap coming out back then (and now) this was a standout and in my opinion has still kept a pretty good thing going when it comes to being a series.

01. Main Titles (03:03)
02. A Sudden Gust Of Wind (01:10)
03. Departure Board (00:54)
04. Reflection (00:53)
05. Boarding Flight 180 (00:57)
06. Departure (01:38)
07. Somethings Wrong (00:41)
08. Early Exit (01:00)
09. The Plane Explodes (00:40)
10. I Didn't Cause This (00:23)
11. Going Home (01:55)
12. News-Noise From Outside (01:30)
13. A Leak (03:29)
14. Tod's Death (01:54)
15. Mr - Wagger Confronts Alex (01:22)
16. A Visit With Clear (01:21)
17. Death's Design (02:39)
18. Signs (00:48)
19. The Path Of Destruction (00:58)
20. Miss Lewtons' House (02:16)
21. Lighting The Stove (00:12)
22. Buring Leafs (00:11)
23. Miss Lewtons' Demise (00:27)
24. Looking For Alex (01:17)
25. Why Wait (01:53)
26. Safe House (03:20)
27. Turning Alex In (00:32)
28. Alex's Revelation-The Race Against Death (08:12)
29. Alex's Alive (00:48)
30. Not Over Yet (01:20)
31. End Credits (01:59)

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