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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

U-571 Promo/Richard Marvin

I remember really loving this flick back when it came out. I'm pretty sure it still stands up today though it's been years since I've popped in the DVD. I remember loving the score as well. Back then I even recognized that it totally rips off Jerry Goldsmith's score to Air Force One. These days I kind of have mixed feelings towards it because of this fact. Back when I was in my mid teens I had this mentality of 'Wow, that's just like Goldsmith's uber-awesome Air Force One music! Yeah!' now I'm kind of like ' Wow... this is a total rip off Yeah...' But at the same time I don't dismiss the score at all. I do think it works very well in the film and as a stand alone listen.

I've read that the score was rushed and that the film was originally temp tracked with the score to Air Force One. So it makes since that there are extreme similarities.

Track Listing:
01. End Credits #1
02. Sub Battle
03. Material Office
04. Chase
05. Finale and Dedication
06. Picking Up Survivors
07. S-33 Leaves Port
08. Big Leaks
09. Restarting The U-571
10. Going To 200 Meters
11. Destroyer Battle
12. Enigma Photo/Swastika
13. Pier Intro
14. Lock and Load
15. Taking The U-571
16. Tyler Picks Trigger
17. U-571 Rises/Trigger Struggles
18. S-33 Sinks
19. Searching Below
20. Opening/U-571 Attacks
21. U-571 Surfaces
22. Tyler's Torpedo Plan
23. Quiet Theme (End Credits #2)

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