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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poltergeist III/Joe Renzetti

A lower budget sequel calls for a lower budget score. Enter Joe Renzetti. He came in with some synthesizers to fill in where Goldsmith once had an orchestra.

I love synthesized scores though. I'm a huge fan of the mood that electronic instruments can provide. Hell, John Carpenter is one of my favorite score composers.

This isn't John Carpenter by any means, but Renzetti does a fantastic job at creating a fucking creepy mood. It's not all that melodic until the End Credits but that's okay. This is one that provides some disturbing background music. Not one to put on during a get together but when in the right mood, this is good stuff.

The movie itself isn't great and isn't bad neither. I saw this in theaters when I was a wee child. It's stuck with me for some reason. It has a rather creepy atmosphere to it.

1. Meet the friendly window washer
2. This is my cousin Donna
3. Music lessons for the over achiever
4. When statues move
5. Skinny dipper's blues
6. We're back
7. Mirror mirror on the wall
8. Rescue me
9. Ending / End Credits

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  1. Finally.It was so hard to get it.This is a score that it means a lot for me.Thank you very much from Costa Rica.