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Friday, August 14, 2009

Excalibur 21 Track Bootleg/Trevor Jones

This is a fantastic score. A grand mixture of classical and original score by Trevor Jones. The official LP release only contained some of the original classical pieces and no original score. Here, you get it all.

The most popular version of this bootleg soundtrack seems to be the 18 track version released in the mid-nineties. This version was created in 2001.

I stumbled upon a 27 track version of this bootleg, but the extra tracks were merely lines of dialog from the film ripped from the DVD, not extra music. What I have for you here features all of the music tracks available.

So gather knights of the round table! Enjoy... EXCALIBUR!

1. Theme from Excalibur (02:50)
2. Igrayne's Dance (02:06)
3. Merlin's Spell (03:13)
4. The Siege of Camylarde (02:37)
5. A Dance at the Court of King Arthur (01:16)
6. The Lady of the Lake (01:29)
7. Lancelot and Guinevere (10:34)
8. The Wedding (01:04)
9. Camelot (03:26)
10. Knights of the Round Table (00:41)
11. A Challenge to Honour (03:03)
12. Quest for the Holy Grail (03:51)
13. Mordred's Lair (01:46)
14. Percival (11:51)
15. The Land and the King (04:08)
16. The Death of Arthur (06:36)
17. Theme from Excalibur (01:28)
Alternate version
18. End Credits #1 (03:30)
Alternate version
19. End Credits #2 (02:49)
Alternate version
20. The Death of Arthur (06:55)
Alternate version
21. Merlin (02:40)
Bonus track

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  1. Many thanks. I remember CD-R prints of this being on things like Ebay only a matter of years ago, going for an absurd asking price. Interesting blog you have here. :D

  2. Thanks, looking forward to the Blu-ray to be released 03/08/2011.