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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final Destination 2/Shirley Walker

Final Destination 2 I consider to be the best entry in this series. It's HUGELY entertaining beyond words. Suspenseful, gorey, and perfectly paced. Perhaps my main problem with the latest entry was that it was a bit too fast paced and didn't make time for anything else. Of course that could be looked at as a good thing since we know the formula so well and we don't need to see different characters trying to figure the same old things out over and over again. But at the same time I feel some of the suspense is sacrificed. Still though, The Final Destination was a fun flick with plenty 'o gore and great deaths, including a classic escalator munching scene. I definitely recommend making a trip to your local theater your first destination!

This is the 15 track promo score for Shirley Walker's score. There's a lot more subtlety and a bit more of a rhythmic thing going on here. It works well. This promo is not to be confused with the Willard/Final Destination 2 promo that's out there.

Unfortunately I can't find anything for Final Destination 3. Shame. Enjoy what you can get!

01. Main Title (02:48)
02. Kimberly's Lake Premonition (02:04)
03. Blow-Out (01:44)
04. Coincidence - Kimberly Remembers Mom (02:27)
05. Killer Kayak (01:11)
06. Nora's Turn - Eugene Freaks (03:41)
07. Kimberly Goes To See Clear (01:52)
08. Kimberly Sees Dr. Kalarjan (00:47)
09. Ba Bye Kat & Mustang (01:20)
10. Dad And Kimberly (00:45)
11. Pigeons (02:39)
12. Eugene's Oxygen (02:55)
13. New Life (01:59)
14. 2 Left (04:21)

15. We Did It (00:40)

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Final Destination/Shirley Walker

So in celebration of The Final Destination, the 4th film (and final film?...ha ) in the franchise having been released this past weekend, I bring you a special treat.

Here is the 31 Track Complete Bootleg score for Shirley Walker's eerie score for the original first film. It's decent quality as I'm sure it was lifted off of the DVD Isolated Score.

I caught this movie on DVD right before the second one went to theaters. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. Of the mass amounts of teen horror crap coming out back then (and now) this was a standout and in my opinion has still kept a pretty good thing going when it comes to being a series.

01. Main Titles (03:03)
02. A Sudden Gust Of Wind (01:10)
03. Departure Board (00:54)
04. Reflection (00:53)
05. Boarding Flight 180 (00:57)
06. Departure (01:38)
07. Somethings Wrong (00:41)
08. Early Exit (01:00)
09. The Plane Explodes (00:40)
10. I Didn't Cause This (00:23)
11. Going Home (01:55)
12. News-Noise From Outside (01:30)
13. A Leak (03:29)
14. Tod's Death (01:54)
15. Mr - Wagger Confronts Alex (01:22)
16. A Visit With Clear (01:21)
17. Death's Design (02:39)
18. Signs (00:48)
19. The Path Of Destruction (00:58)
20. Miss Lewtons' House (02:16)
21. Lighting The Stove (00:12)
22. Buring Leafs (00:11)
23. Miss Lewtons' Demise (00:27)
24. Looking For Alex (01:17)
25. Why Wait (01:53)
26. Safe House (03:20)
27. Turning Alex In (00:32)
28. Alex's Revelation-The Race Against Death (08:12)
29. Alex's Alive (00:48)
30. Not Over Yet (01:20)
31. End Credits (01:59)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hellbound: Hellraiser II/Christopher Young

Christopher Young returned for the sequel which was bigger and badder in every way. In other words, EPIC. Young provided an equally epic and bombastic score. Choral work and everything.

Though it has some flaws and plot holes, so did the classical original. Hellbound is my personal favorite of the series.

"Get'em Off Meeeee!"

01. Hellbound Second Sight Seance
02. Looking through a Woman
03. Something to Think About
04. Skin_Her Alive
05. Stringing the Puppet
06. Hall of Mirrors
07. Dead or Living
08. Leviathan
09. Sketch with Fire
10. Chemical Entertainment
11. Obscene Kiss
12. Headless Wizard
13. Whats Your Pleasure
14. Highpoint Main Title
15. Over the Edge
16. The Kendo Duel
17. Love Scene
18. Up the Stairs
19. Highfall
20. Love Theme - End Title

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Hellraiser/Christopher Young

Hellraiser is one of those epitomal horror scores. It's a must own if you are into scores of a horrific type. In fact, I'd rank it amongst the top 5 best horror films scores (one day I'll come up with an official list).

Christopher Young always seemed to fall under the radar but he scored some hits with stuff like this, Hellbound: Hellraiser II , Nightmare on Elm Street 2, The Fly II, etc...

More recently Sam Raimi seems to have taken him under his wing and replaced Elfman to do all of the scores for his features (Elfman and Raimi had a falling out after Spider-Man 2).

01. Hellraiser
02. Resurrection
03. Hellbound Heart
04. The Lament Configuration
05. Reunion
06. A Quick Death
07. Seduction And Pursuit
08. In Love's Name
09. The Cenobites
10. The Rat Slice Quartet
11. Re-Resurrection
12. Uncle Frank
13. Brought On By Night
14. Another Puzzle

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gremlins: The Soundtrack Batch/Jerry Goldsmith/Various Artists

This is the Junkyard's biggest post yet! It took a couple of nights getting this together for your enjoyment.


First up we have the first Gremlins movie. Classic stuff. I don't even have to go into how this is a childhood classic for all of us who were kids in the 80's. The great score by the great Jerry Goldsmith didn't get a full score release. It got a measly four tracks on the official album (around 16 minutes worth of score). However this was better than nothing and of course it included the great Gremlin rag.

So here for your enjoyment is the official album release for Gremlins.

01. Michael Sembello - Gremlins Mega Madness

02. Quarterflash - Make It Shine

03. Peter Gabriel - Out Out

04. Jerry Goldsmith - Gift

05. Jerry Goldsmith - Gizmo

06. Jerry Goldsmith - Mrs Deagle

07. Jerry Goldsmith - Gremlin Rag


Now here is the 21 Track Bootleg Score. This is the first Gremlins Bootleg Score to be released. The sound quality is pretty good. No intrusive sound effects or anything. The only real flaw is that there is a mild hiss noise throughout the score. It's not terribly noticeable but it's obviously a bootleg and not a mastered album. But quite frankly I prefer this bootleg to anything else. The last 3 tracks are from Twilight Zone: The Movie. The only reason I'm keeping those with it is because it was a part of this bootleg for a long time and in order to escape confusion they are kept in there.

As a BONUS I added a 22nd track to the 21 Track Bootleg. It is the Gremlins Suite that Jerry Goldsmith performed on the album "Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith".

01. Fanfare and Prologue (04:35)

02. Late For Work (01:46)

03. Mrs. Deagle (02:17)

04. The Gift (02:15)

05. Pop Goes The Gremlin (03:00)

06. Billy And Katey (02:53)

07. Gremlins On The Loose (01:24)

08. Mom Vs. The Gremlins (04:01)

09. Stripe Blows His Nose (01:12)

10. A Gremlin Goes Postal (00:46)

11. Deagledeagledeagle (02:21)

12. The Gremlins Attack (02:05)

13. Billy To The Rescue - A Christmas Story (03:27)

14. Movie Theatre - Explosion (02:38)

15. Hunting Stripe (03:33)

16. Gizmo Saves The Day (05:41)

17. Bye, Billy (02:57)

18. The Gremlin Rag (04:08)

19. Twilight Zone Theme (00:42)

20. It's A Good Life (10:33)

21. Overture and End Titles (06:02)

22. Gremlins Suite- From Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith

Now, I have come across various "Complete" Gremlins soundtrack that vary from 40 to 46 tracks. I was going to post the 46 track version I found but I can't verify it at all in searches. And to be honest these "Complete" versions suck "complete" ass in sound quality. Especially when compared to the FAR superior 21 track version in 320 kbps . If I come across one of the complete soundtracks with decent quality I'll post it here but otherwise stick to the two soundtracks above.


On to the sequel folks...


This score I find to be a slightly more enjoyable listen overall. I love the original for it's old school Goldsmith style but this one is just as cinematic as scores get and of course the quality of sound here is much better to as this was an official score release. Not nearly complete mind you... but a pretty solid soundtrack that I grew up with. If any of you know of an Expanded bootleg, let me know. I included a bonus track to this one. It's the music that plays when the Brain Gremlin makes a Bat Gremlin. It was from Goldsmith's score for The Burbs.

01. Just You Wait
02. Gizmo Escapes
03. Leaky Faucet
04. Cute...
05. Pot Luck
06. The Visitors
07. Teenage Mutant Gremlins
08. Keep It Quiet
09. No Rats
10. Gremlin Pudding
11. New Trends
12. Gremlin Credits
13. Bonus Track- Bat Gremlin (My Skull / The Gurney From The 'Burbs)


Next up is the song album. I found this on a blog somewhere a long time ago.


1. The Merry Go Round Broke Down-

2. I’m Ready- Fats Domino

3. Situation- Jeff Beck Group

4. Damn Yankees

5. Bombers in the Sky- Thompson Twins

6. Tuff Boy- Jasmine Guy

7.Touch Me- Private Life

8. If You Could Read My Mind- Gotrdon Lightfoot

9. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

10. Sling Shot- Jeff Beck

11. Surprise! You’re Dead!- Faith No More

12. Angel Of Death- Slayer

13. Theme From NY, NY

14. Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor- Bach

15. Rhapsody in Blue- George Gershwin

16. The Merry Go Round Broker Down (That’s All Folks)

17. The Big Sign-Off



This last download is for two albums... in it you'll find the old soundtrack for the NES Game as well as the remix album G2EP...

I'm not one to listen to old school video game scores, but what I've heard of G2EP is pretty cool.

Gremlins 2 The Game
1. Title Screen
2. Cutscene Display
3. The Office
4. Ventilation Shafts
5. T.V. Set
6. Under Pressure
7. Mr. Wing's Shop
8. Gremlin Battle
9. The Big Battle
10. Game Over
11. Stage Clear
12. Ending

1. Billy's Office
2. Air Ducts_Cutscene
3. Mr. Wing's Shop
4. Clamp Enterprises
5. Game Over_Genetic Lab_Level
6. Boss
7. Control Center
8. Ending_Title Screen


That's it folks!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poltergeist III/Joe Renzetti

A lower budget sequel calls for a lower budget score. Enter Joe Renzetti. He came in with some synthesizers to fill in where Goldsmith once had an orchestra.

I love synthesized scores though. I'm a huge fan of the mood that electronic instruments can provide. Hell, John Carpenter is one of my favorite score composers.

This isn't John Carpenter by any means, but Renzetti does a fantastic job at creating a fucking creepy mood. It's not all that melodic until the End Credits but that's okay. This is one that provides some disturbing background music. Not one to put on during a get together but when in the right mood, this is good stuff.

The movie itself isn't great and isn't bad neither. I saw this in theaters when I was a wee child. It's stuck with me for some reason. It has a rather creepy atmosphere to it.

1. Meet the friendly window washer
2. This is my cousin Donna
3. Music lessons for the over achiever
4. When statues move
5. Skinny dipper's blues
6. We're back
7. Mirror mirror on the wall
8. Rescue me
9. Ending / End Credits

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Poltergeist II Deluxe Edition/Jerry Goldsmith

This score is a lot more in your face than the previous installment. This is more comparable to Goldsmith's Damien: Omen II what with all it's choral chanting and demonic rambunctiousness.

It's a fun score and has a high creep factor. A lot more synthy too. There was a measly 5 track version released that lasted just under 30 minutes in 1986... then Varese Sarabande released a Deluxe Edition in 2003. This is what I have for you here.

There is a 2 disc bootleg out there. I haven't a clue as to the quality of that one. But if it's any count, it will be posted one day.

As for the movie, it's just as entertaining as the first though it's not quite as good. I say this because it's obviously lacking the Spielberg flair of the original. It just doesn't feel as tight and profound as the original and perhaps a bit forced. But that's just about as critical as I can get with the film. I'm very fond of Poltergeist II for it's visceral energy and it's all out weird factor. This entry is a lot more slimy and ooey gooey. It's got a maggot man, a preacher skeleton guy, and indians.

Oh yeah...

and Tangina!

01. The Power
02. Things
03. The Mall
04. Late Call
05. They're Back
06. Butterflies
07. The Visitor
08. Wild Braces
09. Leave Us Alone
10. The Smoke
11. The Worm
12. Back to Cuesta Verde
13. Reaching Out
14. Carol Anne's Theme

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poltergeist/Jerry Goldsmith

One of the greatest horror film scores ever... I present to you the out of print film soundtrack for "Poltergeist" by the great Jerry Goldsmith.

This is one of my all time favorite horror film scores. There's not a track on here I don't find repeatable. It's an ultimate. The very creepy yet beautiful main theme is only one of the many memorable elements amongst this score. Every note hits home. This movie came out a week after I was born. The week before, E.T. The Extraterrestrial came out on the day I was born.

I love this movie. I love this score! It still has the power to make you jump out of your seat.

TRACK LISTING: 01. The Star Spangled Banner
02. The Calling/The Neighborhood (Main Title)
03. The Tree (Outtake)
04. The Clown/They're Here/Broken Glass/The Hole/...
05. Twisted Abduction
06. Contacting The Other Side
07. The Light
08. Night Visitor/No Complaints
09. It Knows What Scares You
10. Rebirth
11. Night Of The Beast
12. Escape From Suburbia
13. Carol Anne's Theme (End Title)

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The Last Starfighter 24 Track Bootleg/Craig Safan

I don't think I've seen this film in it's entirety since being a little boy. It's one of those I always never got around to finishing for one reason or the other.

Craig Safan actually scored one of my favorite films, "Fade To Black". I covered the song "Heroes Have No Right To Die" from the end credits. I chatted with him through email a bit but he didn't let me know his feelings on the cover. I'm not sure he liked it...

Anyways, I haven't listened to this in it's entirety yet but I plan on it. I have heard segments on XM Radio's Cinemagic but that's it. From what I hear though, it's good stuff...

The official release by Intrada contained around 48 minutes of music and the Southern Cross official release contained 30 minutes of music. Both go for around $100.

The bootleg offered here has about 62 minutes of music. Free.

1. Main Title (2:35) .
2. Alex Dreams (1:46)
3. Breaking The World Record (2:30)
4. Centauri Into Space (6:01)
5. Rylos (2:04)
6. Morphing Into Alex (0:47)
7. Gunstar Docking Bay (0:43)
8. Victory or Death (0:56)
9. Xur's Threat (2:32)
10. The Frontier (0:29)
11. Xur's Sceptre; Under Attack (2:10)
12. Back Home (1:53)
13. Beta Unit (0:35)
14. The Drifter (0:33)
15. Xandur Xan (0:57)
16. Centauri Dies (6:54)
17. Target Practice (2:17)
18. Alex's First Test (2:52)
19. Xandur-Cop (0:31)
20. Beta's Sacrifice (6:10)
21. Let's Do it (0:48)
22. Death Blossom: Ultimate Weapon (4:47)

23. Big Victory March: Alex Returns (5:46)

24. Into The Starscape (7:22)

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Godzilla Limited Edition 2 CD/David Arnold

With the announcement of Legendary Pictures producing a new american Godzilla film I felt it was necessary to post this rare score for the original American Godzilla in the Junkyard.

The original album for the 1998 film "Godzilla" just contained 2 tracks of score and the rest were songs featured in the film or inspired by the film.

There was a 15 track score promo as well which was very hard to find.

Then La La Land Records released a complete 2 disc limited edition in 2007 that was limited to 3000 copies. This is one of the most complete official soundtrack releases you will find for any movie. A job well done. This is one of my favorite David Arnold scores. Brassy and bombastic, this is a true action score. Finally, all the cues I loved and found missing on the promo are available here.

As for the movie itself, it's garnered a lot more flak than I feel it deserved. At the time I loved it, and I've been a Big G fan all of my life. I pretty much knew from the beginning that Godzilla would be a different creation but I liked the way they kept a lot of his trademarks (spikes, familiar roar etc.). Nowadays I don't feel I defend it as much because I can envision a darker take that truly embraces the force of nature that was Godzilla in the first film. Godzilla 1998 was a summer popcorn movie. Nothing more, nothing less. On that level I feel the movie succeeded. But compared to the effectiveness of later big monster movies like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds I can see where the Big G shouldn't be given popcorn movie glossover and treated as something meaner and grittier. Godzilla that's not just a big lizard but a monster with an attitude. I'd like to see that. Hopefully Legendary Pictures can give us something on that level.


1. The Beginning (03:29)
2. Tanker Gets It (01:11)
3. Chernobyl (03:13)
4. Footprint (00:33)
5. Footprints / New York / Audrey (00:54)
6. Chewing Gum Nose (00:30)
7. Ship Reveal / Nick Discovers Fish / Flesh (01:39)
8. The Boat Gets It* (02:09)
9. Dawn Of The Species (01:49)
10. Joe Gets a Bite / Godzilla Arrives (03:11)
11. Mayor's Speech (01:03)
12. Caiman's Office (00:45)
13. Animal's Camera (01:39)
14. Military Command Center / New Jersey (01:55)
15. Audrey's Idea (00:22)
16. Evacuation (02:41)
17. French Coffee (00:56)
18. Subway Damage / Command Enters City (02:50)
19. Fish (01:48)
20. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (05:13)
21. 1st Helicopter Chase / Godzilla Swats A Chopper (04:08)
22. We Fed Him / Audrey Sees Nick (01:21)
23. Nick And Audrey / He's Pregnant / Audrey Takes The Tape / French Breakfast (04:46)
24. He's Preparing To Feed (00:34)
25. Nick Gets Fired / Nick Gets Abducted / Frenchie'sWarehouse / Nick Joins The Foreign Legion (05:47)

CD 2
1. Chewing Gum (01:51)
2. Rumble In The Tunnel (01:35)
3. Godzilla O Park / Godzilla Takes A Dive / Godzilla Versus The Submarine / Egg Discovery (09:42)
4. Baby 'Zillas Hatch* (03:51)
5. Nick Phones For Help (01:28)
6. Eat The French (02:14)
7. Phillip Shoots The Lock (01:39)
8. Nick's Big Speech / The Garden Gets It (07:07)
9. He's Back! / Taxi Chase & Clue (07:06)
10. Big G Goes To Monster Heaven (04:30)
11. The End (04:05)
12. The Beginning (no choir) (03:32)
13. Footprints / New York / Audrey (alt.) (00:50)
14. The Boat Gets It (alt.) (01:09)
15. Gojira (Album Version) (02:46)
* - contains material not used in the film

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Running Man/Harold Faltermeyer

This is the out of print Varese Sarabande release of "The Running Man".

This is one of my personal favorite "Ahnuld" films from the 80's. It's got everything. Action, one-liners, blood & guts, and women with wacked-out 80's hair-do's.

I have to say that for the most part, this score delivers the 80's synthesized goods. It has a very memorable main theme too.

"Get in the mood for the Faltermeyer dude"... haha... I made a funny 80's action one liner. Ha... haha... meh....

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The 'Burbs DELUXE Editon/Jerry Goldsmith

Well well, kiddies. Look what I have for you here...

The 'Burbs was originally released as a 13 track soundtrack through the Varese Sarabande's membership club. Then it was released so many years later in a 33 Track Deluxe edition again only through the membership club.

If you are in any way shape or form a Goldsmith fan then this is a MUST I tell you. MUST!
It's got everything. Gothic organs, a nod to Ennio Moriconne's "Once Upon A Time In The West" and even synthesized doggy barks.

You don't have to be a member of the Junkyard to acquire this out of print score. Just send comments my way and let me know how you're enjoying my Sanctuary.

01. Night Work (Main Title)
02. The Window - Home Delivery

03. The Raven

04. Nocturnal Feeders
05. Good Neighbors

06. Let’s Go

07. Bad Karma

08. The Sentinel

09. My Neighborhood
10. The Garage

11. Spare Key

12. The Note

13. Devil Worship

14. The Dream

15. The Note #2

16. This Is Walter

17. Snooping Around

18. I’m O.K.

19. Ask Him

20. What’s In The Cellar?

21. The Wig

22. Hot Wires

23. Red Rover, Red Rover

24. No Beer

25. Home Furnace

26. No Lights

27. Walter’s Home

28. Something Is Moving

29. There’s A Body

30. My Skull - The Gurney

31. The Trunk

32. Pack Your Bags

33. Square One (End Credits)

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The Entity Bootleg/Charles Bernstein

This is one of those movies that almost physically scared the shit out of me. I remember the first time seeing it by myself in the dark at home while my parents had gone to the beach for some alone time.

The music added a particular synthesized tension and foreboding that was entirely unexceptable to be subjected to if one were supposed to get some sleep afterward. So after watching this movie I walked to the bathroom and while washing my hands the shampoo bottle in the shower fell down and at 4 in the morning this sounded like a bulldozer crashing into the house. I did jump into the air. I remember that.

Never had and never will my heart beat so fast.

Well here is a decent sounding bootleg of the score. This is a near impossible find, so be sure to hold on to this one once you have it. Don't listen to it late at night and alone... trust me.

The tracks have no names there are just numbered Tracks 1-36.

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Excalibur 21 Track Bootleg/Trevor Jones

This is a fantastic score. A grand mixture of classical and original score by Trevor Jones. The official LP release only contained some of the original classical pieces and no original score. Here, you get it all.

The most popular version of this bootleg soundtrack seems to be the 18 track version released in the mid-nineties. This version was created in 2001.

I stumbled upon a 27 track version of this bootleg, but the extra tracks were merely lines of dialog from the film ripped from the DVD, not extra music. What I have for you here features all of the music tracks available.

So gather knights of the round table! Enjoy... EXCALIBUR!

1. Theme from Excalibur (02:50)
2. Igrayne's Dance (02:06)
3. Merlin's Spell (03:13)
4. The Siege of Camylarde (02:37)
5. A Dance at the Court of King Arthur (01:16)
6. The Lady of the Lake (01:29)
7. Lancelot and Guinevere (10:34)
8. The Wedding (01:04)
9. Camelot (03:26)
10. Knights of the Round Table (00:41)
11. A Challenge to Honour (03:03)
12. Quest for the Holy Grail (03:51)
13. Mordred's Lair (01:46)
14. Percival (11:51)
15. The Land and the King (04:08)
16. The Death of Arthur (06:36)
17. Theme from Excalibur (01:28)
Alternate version
18. End Credits #1 (03:30)
Alternate version
19. End Credits #2 (02:49)
Alternate version
20. The Death of Arthur (06:55)
Alternate version
21. Merlin (02:40)
Bonus track

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Little Shop Of Horrors EXPANDED/Miles Goodman

Consider this one of the rarest in the Junkyard. This is the complete soundtrack to the film. All the little nuances and things you remember from the original film versions of the songs are all here. Totally different from the original album release. This is a nice 2 CD set that even includes the score elements between musical numbers. Miles Goodman was always one of the most underrated of film score composers (just check out Dirty Rotten Scoundrels... oh yeah, pretty hard to find... I'll have it for you one day).

This, along with "The Nightmare Before Christmas", were my favorite musicals growing up.

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The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle Promo/Mark Mothersbaugh

This is a promo release for the underrated Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle film.

It was pretty much just like the old cartoon with plenty of jabs at modern pop culture without seeming like a pop culture reference movie. It was definitely for the fans.

Everyone else just won't get it.

It's a great bombastic action score that also uses a lot of the classic cartoon "mickey mousing" techniques by the great Mark Mothersbaugh.

1. Logo & Opening Titles (00:30)
2. Hard Times in Frostbite Falls (00:51)
3. Rocky the Flying Squirrel (00:34)
4. From Pottsylvannia to Hollywood (01:38)
5. The Green Light (02:26)
6. Frenetical Action / Green Light Shines (01:00)
7. On the Highway / The Test Machine (01:00)
8. Zombie Drone / Secret Agent Man (01:15)
9. Fearless Leader / Boris Badenov (01:31)
10. Boris and Natasha (00:52)
11. The Bitter End (01:17)
12. Zombified People / Big Action (02:20)
13. Implausibly Coincidental (00:50)
14. Chase on the Runway / Hang On! (03:17)
15. Hail, Hail Pottsylvania (00:44)
16. Put Your Hands Up! / Vegomatic (05:16)
17. Rocky and Bullwinkle Save the Day (04:40)
18. America the Beautiful (01:10)
19. A Really Happy Ending (01:56)
20. Through the Eyes of A Child (04:31)

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Misery/Marc Shaiman

So, yesterday I went to go see The Collector (very good American made torture porn by the way if you're into that kind of thing) I decided to pop this score in on the way there. This CD was over by the time I got back home and the theater isn't that far away.

It's a short 6 track album with a lot of subtlety.

It's a good score. Solid. No complaints. Don't be expecting to find anything all that hummable but the score is tense and especially effective with the imagery of the movie.

1. Number One Fan
2. She Can't Be Dead
3. Open House
4. Go To Your Room
5. Buster's Last Stand
6. Misery's Return

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Event Horizon/Michael Kamen/Orbital

Okay so this is probably the best Science Fiction/Horror hybrid since "Alien". No. I'm not kidding.

There's a lot of argument over Pal W.S. Anderson's films but most will agree that this is his magnum opus.

The score by Kamen is effective and adds to the tension that's prominent throughout the film. The soundtrack album actually takes his score and remixes them in a weird way. This would typically sound like blaspheme but I really don't mind it. Not here anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I would like to have the entire untouched score but what Orbital did here is really awesome. It's got those dancey elements ya know? But I really wouldn't want to dance to this. The remix work compliments Michael Kamen's work. The score is definitely there, it's just being put to a paticular dance rythm at times.

I really must suggest this soundtrack for download. Immediately.

Listen.... because.... where we're going... we won't need eyes to see...

1. The Forward Decks (14:01)
a) Lewis And Clark,
b) Neptune,
c) Clare,
d) First Containment,
e) Core,
f) Metal,
g) Second Containment,
h) Air Lock
2. The Main Access Corridor (12:04)
a) Singularity,
b) Ducts,
c) Turbulence,
d) Medical,
e) Gravity Drive
3. Engineering (13:24)
a) Tomb,
b) Blood,
c) Countdown,
d) Outer Door,
e) Bio Scan
4. The Event Horizion (04:57)
a) Weir,
b) Event Horizon

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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Return To Salem's Lot Main Theme/Michael Minard

Being that there isn't even a DVD for this film to rip any music from, I stumbled upon this one track and did a bit o' mastering.
Shame... this is one of horror's most untalked about entries. I really liked it though. Very tongue in cheek. Just do a search on ebay and you will find almost NOTHING. Big big shame.

Enjoy this mild offering from the Junkyard.

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Jurassic Park III 28 Track Promo/Don Davis

This is the promo score to Jurassic Park III around Academy time. I suppose I'm not as cranky as some movie goers 'cause I liked this movie. It's got Sam Neill and Dinos running around an island. It's not all that believable but I didn't find it all that abysmal. It's fun, fun, fun!

Don Davis is a fantastic composer and I believeable he did one of those rare good jobs of incorporating John Williams trademarks while incorporating his own sound. I remember spending around $20 on this score back in 2001. I got a 16 track CD including Randy Newman's "No Hat, No Cattle". So why the hell didn't I receive this 28 track complete score that came out months later? No, seriously. What is the big deal? Why can't I just receive the full score when I buy the soundtrack?

Well folks, here you are.
  1. "Isla Sorna Sailing Situation" - [4:22]
  2. "Alan and Ellie" - [1:42]
  3. "Udesky, Nash and Cooper" - [2:28]
  4. "Montana (Unused) - [1:17]
  5. "Alan Goes" - [1:54]
  6. "Dinosaur Fly-By" - [2:12]
  7. "Cooper's Last Stand" - [2:45]
  8. "Frenzy Fuselage" - [3:59]
  9. "Clash of Extinction (Unused)" - [1:40]
  10. "Kirby Paint and Tile Plus" - [4:06]
  11. "Bone Man Ben" - [3:38]
  12. "Raptor Eggs" - [2:52]
  13. "The Raptor Room" - [2:33]
  14. "The Raptor Repartee" - [3:26]
  15. "Eric Saves Alan" - [1:47]
  16. "Tree People" - [2:01]
  17. "Nash Calling" - [3:36]
  18. "Party Crasher" - [3:17]
  19. "Pteranodon Habitat" - [3:01]
  20. "Tiny Pecking Pteranodons" - [3:23]
  21. "Billy Oblivions" - [2:49]
  22. "Brachiosaurus On the Bank" - [2:07]
  23. "Reaching For Glory" - [2:31]
  24. "Underwater Attack" - [2:11]
  25. "Spinosaurus Confrontation" - [3:02]
  26. "River Reminiscence" - [1:08]
  27. "Ambush and Rescue" - [3:40]
  28. "The Hat Returns/ End Credits (Album)" - [5:22]

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Deep Blue/George Fenton

This is a fantastic big ass score for a fantastic epic big ass documentary about our marine wildlife! There's surprisingly little dialog from the narrator (Pierce Brosnan) throughout the feature. But that's okay!

This documentary is shot in such an epic style that it makes Star Wars look like an Ed Wood feature.

As a side note, our guy Pierce does proclaim one final statement before the credits role: A hundred years ago there would have been around 300,000 blue whales. Now there is a mere one percent of that in todays oceans.

Often, I'm ashamed to be called a part of the species known as "man". But we can make a difference and feel good about ourselves by helping donate to places like www.seasheperd.org

  1. Bounty Hunters (3:35)
  2. Airwaves (2:20)
  3. The Beach in Patagonia (5:07)
  4. Metamorphosis (1:52)
  5. Surf and Sand (2:02)
  6. Coral Riches (4:13)
  7. Free to Roam (1:16)
  8. The Kelp Forest (3:12)
  9. Kaleidoscope (3:57)
  10. Polar Landscape (3:14)
  11. Flying Emperors (3:29)
  12. Wolf Pack (5:01)
  13. The Wanderers (3:36)
  14. Showtime (2:15)
  15. Mounting Pressure (6:36)
  16. The Spinning Baitball (3:36)
  17. Deep Blue (5:45)
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Red Dragon Complete/Danny Elfman

I personally thought Red Dragon was a fantastic entry in the Hannibal Lecter saga. This is one of Elfman's most thrilling works. I was very disappointed with the omission of some great cues on the official release. One of the cues that stood out for me in the film and is included only on this complete bootleg is a track titled "What Happened Here". It plays when Edward Norton's character is investigating a house where a brutal massacre took place. High strings swell when he turns on the light in a darkened bedroom to reveal blood spattered all over the walls. Great moment in the film and I'm glad the cue can be found here.

There is also a 3 disc "Recording Sessions" release out there. I have it on disc but unfortunately I seem to have lost the files on my hard drive. It's great stuff so I'll try to get it here in the Junkyard Sanctuary one day.

As for other versions... through google searches I have come across a couple of peoples lists online that mention a 2 CD Complete Edition of this score. I personally cannot find any other indications of that particular version's existence since this version I have easily fits on one disc. What I have provided here runs around 17 minutes longer than the official release and is actually longer than another bootleg I had found before that had around 27 tracks.

This seems to be the definitive version amongst Red Dragon bootlegs. If I find anything more on a 2 Disc Bootleg you can be sure I'll post something about it. But until then I'm considering that bunk.

Until then enjoy the 37 Track Complete Red Dragon score. I'm guessing it's a rip of the isolated score from the DVD.

Track Listing:
01. Logos (00:49) 
02. The Dinner Party (01:32)

03. The Revelation - Main Titles (05:23)

04. Grahams Temptation To Come Back (00:53)
05. Graham's Farewell (00:57)

06. What Happened Here (04:39)

07. Mirror In The Eyes - The Gloves (01:53)

08. Left Eye (00:22)

09. First Time In Cell (00:53)
10. Lecter Speaks (02:08)

11. Dolarhyde's Theme - Brought Back (00:52)

12. Honky Tonk Piano (00:17)

13. An Important Clue - Dolarhyde's Full Theme (04:57)
14. Lecter's Phone Call (00:53)
15. Lecter's Trick - Graham's Discovery (01:21)

16. Reba And Dolarhyde (01:23)

17. The Note (04:26)

18. Dear Pilgrim (01:16)

19. Miami Threat (01:03)

20. Molly's Got A Gun (00:18)

21. Dolarhyde Gets A Paper (00:45)

22. Freddy Meets The Dragon (05:42)
23. The Dragon Bite (00:18)

24. I Like My Dragon Tender (00:24)

25. Tension In The Cell (02:22)

26. Lying Tiger Hidden Dragon (01:27)

27. Reba In The Bathroom (00:22)
28. Horror Romance And Sex (02:04)

29. Give Her To The Dragon (02:33)

30. Reba Leaves (00:29)
31. Bad Music - Dolarhyde And The Dragon Merge (04:01)

32. It's Chromalux (01:05)

33. Dloarhyde's Paranoia (01:02)

34. Waiting For Reba (00:26)

35. Bang You're Dead - The Fire (04:05)
36. The Explosion (01:10)

37. He's Back - End Credits (10:06)

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Again, a flick I loved as a kid. Definitely a bad movie. Not sure how you'd describe it other than that. It's a different kind of bad movie.

This is an exclusive soundtrack that only came with DVD's sold at Best Buy.


  1. Main Theme From Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  2. The Mindmaker Song
  3. Tomato Stomp
  4. Puberty Love
  5. Love Theme
  6. End Theme

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

U-571 Promo/Richard Marvin

I remember really loving this flick back when it came out. I'm pretty sure it still stands up today though it's been years since I've popped in the DVD. I remember loving the score as well. Back then I even recognized that it totally rips off Jerry Goldsmith's score to Air Force One. These days I kind of have mixed feelings towards it because of this fact. Back when I was in my mid teens I had this mentality of 'Wow, that's just like Goldsmith's uber-awesome Air Force One music! Yeah!' now I'm kind of like ' Wow... this is a total rip off Yeah...' But at the same time I don't dismiss the score at all. I do think it works very well in the film and as a stand alone listen.

I've read that the score was rushed and that the film was originally temp tracked with the score to Air Force One. So it makes since that there are extreme similarities.

Track Listing:
01. End Credits #1
02. Sub Battle
03. Material Office
04. Chase
05. Finale and Dedication
06. Picking Up Survivors
07. S-33 Leaves Port
08. Big Leaks
09. Restarting The U-571
10. Going To 200 Meters
11. Destroyer Battle
12. Enigma Photo/Swastika
13. Pier Intro
14. Lock and Load
15. Taking The U-571
16. Tyler Picks Trigger
17. U-571 Rises/Trigger Struggles
18. S-33 Sinks
19. Searching Below
20. Opening/U-571 Attacks
21. U-571 Surfaces
22. Tyler's Torpedo Plan
23. Quiet Theme (End Credits #2)

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