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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Entity Bootleg/Charles Bernstein

This is one of those movies that almost physically scared the shit out of me. I remember the first time seeing it by myself in the dark at home while my parents had gone to the beach for some alone time.

The music added a particular synthesized tension and foreboding that was entirely unexceptable to be subjected to if one were supposed to get some sleep afterward. So after watching this movie I walked to the bathroom and while washing my hands the shampoo bottle in the shower fell down and at 4 in the morning this sounded like a bulldozer crashing into the house. I did jump into the air. I remember that.

Never had and never will my heart beat so fast.

Well here is a decent sounding bootleg of the score. This is a near impossible find, so be sure to hold on to this one once you have it. Don't listen to it late at night and alone... trust me.

The tracks have no names there are just numbered Tracks 1-36.

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  1. Amazing. After all these years. Where in Hades did you unearth this?

    Thanks for the opportunity to finally hear the score on its own!

  2. Wow, this takes me back! Thank you!