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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hellbound: Hellraiser II/Christopher Young

Christopher Young returned for the sequel which was bigger and badder in every way. In other words, EPIC. Young provided an equally epic and bombastic score. Choral work and everything.

Though it has some flaws and plot holes, so did the classical original. Hellbound is my personal favorite of the series.

"Get'em Off Meeeee!"

01. Hellbound Second Sight Seance
02. Looking through a Woman
03. Something to Think About
04. Skin_Her Alive
05. Stringing the Puppet
06. Hall of Mirrors
07. Dead or Living
08. Leviathan
09. Sketch with Fire
10. Chemical Entertainment
11. Obscene Kiss
12. Headless Wizard
13. Whats Your Pleasure
14. Highpoint Main Title
15. Over the Edge
16. The Kendo Duel
17. Love Scene
18. Up the Stairs
19. Highfall
20. Love Theme - End Title

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