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Friday, September 4, 2009

Children of the Corn/Jonathan Elias

Well here is the first of three rare Children of the Corn scores for you. The first is the best and the classic. The score is effective and very melodic. Considered by many to be amongst the most memorable of horror film scores along with the likes of Halloween and The Omen. I used to consider this one of my top ten horror films. Looking at it nowadays I don't see it as flawless as I once did. However, I don't have it in me to really point out it's flaws. You see, I'm rather fond of amish hats and I'm also a collector of sickles and scythes. Seriously. So this series has a special place in my heart, you understand?

Besides, I wouldn't want "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" to come get me... although I'm certainly of age...

01. Main Title
02. Barn Run
03. Dream Music
04. Murder
05. The Arrival
06. Chase Theme
07. The Invasion
08. Burning The Cornfield
09. Vicky's Dream
10. Attack Of The Children
11. Fighting Back
12. Deal's Haunting
13. Exploring
14. The Cornfield
15. Isaac Vs. Malakai
16. The Resolution
17. End Titles

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  1. Hey Friend, great posts, great blog! I love this one too, in fact the recent DVD is sitting on my table to watch this weekend, the special edition. It's bad, but holds up more than most things! Great score too - Elias is a really underrated composer, and I'm really happy to see a legit CD is coming for his rescore to the remake of 'Children' that SyFy is playing next month!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I have yet to listen to the commentary on the SE DVD, if you get a chance to check that out let me know how it is. I too am glad he is returning for the remake. Too bad it's not getting the big screen treatment but we'll see how it turns out. I checked out your blog and I must say it's quite impressive!

  3. I've been looking for this lately but have only come upon dead links. Thanks for the upload because now I have a chance to download it! "Children of the Corn" is one of my favorite horror movies to watch and I can't get enough of how spooky the scoring is, is there nothing creepier than children singing? It's innocence but in a menacing form.

  4. Hey glows, thanks! Glad I could supply you with something special from my Junkyard. I took a look at your Glows in the Dark blog. You have some awesome stuff in there! You'll find you'll never shake nostalgia. It's forever.

  5. Got the new record on pre-order, hope it's good! The track list is a bit short, around 30 odd minutes, but I'm sure it's quality :)
    Haven't played the DVD commentary yet, but the documentary is decent - the filmmakers believed in their little film, and I think it gets a bad rep - it's not bad, pretty creepy and VERY well scored, great bit of 80's nostalgia, for me at least.....

  6. Cool, is the pre-order for the version he has composed for the new tv movie coming out?

  7. You can buy it officially now. It's just been released, nicely remastered by Varese Sarabande!


  8. have yet to watch the movie , but the music in the trailers really sound intriguing , thanks a lot for this