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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Godzilla Limited Edition 2 CD/David Arnold

With the announcement of Legendary Pictures producing a new american Godzilla film I felt it was necessary to post this rare score for the original American Godzilla in the Junkyard.

The original album for the 1998 film "Godzilla" just contained 2 tracks of score and the rest were songs featured in the film or inspired by the film.

There was a 15 track score promo as well which was very hard to find.

Then La La Land Records released a complete 2 disc limited edition in 2007 that was limited to 3000 copies. This is one of the most complete official soundtrack releases you will find for any movie. A job well done. This is one of my favorite David Arnold scores. Brassy and bombastic, this is a true action score. Finally, all the cues I loved and found missing on the promo are available here.

As for the movie itself, it's garnered a lot more flak than I feel it deserved. At the time I loved it, and I've been a Big G fan all of my life. I pretty much knew from the beginning that Godzilla would be a different creation but I liked the way they kept a lot of his trademarks (spikes, familiar roar etc.). Nowadays I don't feel I defend it as much because I can envision a darker take that truly embraces the force of nature that was Godzilla in the first film. Godzilla 1998 was a summer popcorn movie. Nothing more, nothing less. On that level I feel the movie succeeded. But compared to the effectiveness of later big monster movies like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds I can see where the Big G shouldn't be given popcorn movie glossover and treated as something meaner and grittier. Godzilla that's not just a big lizard but a monster with an attitude. I'd like to see that. Hopefully Legendary Pictures can give us something on that level.


1. The Beginning (03:29)
2. Tanker Gets It (01:11)
3. Chernobyl (03:13)
4. Footprint (00:33)
5. Footprints / New York / Audrey (00:54)
6. Chewing Gum Nose (00:30)
7. Ship Reveal / Nick Discovers Fish / Flesh (01:39)
8. The Boat Gets It* (02:09)
9. Dawn Of The Species (01:49)
10. Joe Gets a Bite / Godzilla Arrives (03:11)
11. Mayor's Speech (01:03)
12. Caiman's Office (00:45)
13. Animal's Camera (01:39)
14. Military Command Center / New Jersey (01:55)
15. Audrey's Idea (00:22)
16. Evacuation (02:41)
17. French Coffee (00:56)
18. Subway Damage / Command Enters City (02:50)
19. Fish (01:48)
20. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (05:13)
21. 1st Helicopter Chase / Godzilla Swats A Chopper (04:08)
22. We Fed Him / Audrey Sees Nick (01:21)
23. Nick And Audrey / He's Pregnant / Audrey Takes The Tape / French Breakfast (04:46)
24. He's Preparing To Feed (00:34)
25. Nick Gets Fired / Nick Gets Abducted / Frenchie'sWarehouse / Nick Joins The Foreign Legion (05:47)

CD 2
1. Chewing Gum (01:51)
2. Rumble In The Tunnel (01:35)
3. Godzilla O Park / Godzilla Takes A Dive / Godzilla Versus The Submarine / Egg Discovery (09:42)
4. Baby 'Zillas Hatch* (03:51)
5. Nick Phones For Help (01:28)
6. Eat The French (02:14)
7. Phillip Shoots The Lock (01:39)
8. Nick's Big Speech / The Garden Gets It (07:07)
9. He's Back! / Taxi Chase & Clue (07:06)
10. Big G Goes To Monster Heaven (04:30)
11. The End (04:05)
12. The Beginning (no choir) (03:32)
13. Footprints / New York / Audrey (alt.) (00:50)
14. The Boat Gets It (alt.) (01:09)
15. Gojira (Album Version) (02:46)
* - contains material not used in the film

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