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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Red Dragon Complete/Danny Elfman

I personally thought Red Dragon was a fantastic entry in the Hannibal Lecter saga. This is one of Elfman's most thrilling works. I was very disappointed with the omission of some great cues on the official release. One of the cues that stood out for me in the film and is included only on this complete bootleg is a track titled "What Happened Here". It plays when Edward Norton's character is investigating a house where a brutal massacre took place. High strings swell when he turns on the light in a darkened bedroom to reveal blood spattered all over the walls. Great moment in the film and I'm glad the cue can be found here.

There is also a 3 disc "Recording Sessions" release out there. I have it on disc but unfortunately I seem to have lost the files on my hard drive. It's great stuff so I'll try to get it here in the Junkyard Sanctuary one day.

As for other versions... through google searches I have come across a couple of peoples lists online that mention a 2 CD Complete Edition of this score. I personally cannot find any other indications of that particular version's existence since this version I have easily fits on one disc. What I have provided here runs around 17 minutes longer than the official release and is actually longer than another bootleg I had found before that had around 27 tracks.

This seems to be the definitive version amongst Red Dragon bootlegs. If I find anything more on a 2 Disc Bootleg you can be sure I'll post something about it. But until then I'm considering that bunk.

Until then enjoy the 37 Track Complete Red Dragon score. I'm guessing it's a rip of the isolated score from the DVD.

Track Listing:
01. Logos (00:49) 
02. The Dinner Party (01:32)

03. The Revelation - Main Titles (05:23)

04. Grahams Temptation To Come Back (00:53)
05. Graham's Farewell (00:57)

06. What Happened Here (04:39)

07. Mirror In The Eyes - The Gloves (01:53)

08. Left Eye (00:22)

09. First Time In Cell (00:53)
10. Lecter Speaks (02:08)

11. Dolarhyde's Theme - Brought Back (00:52)

12. Honky Tonk Piano (00:17)

13. An Important Clue - Dolarhyde's Full Theme (04:57)
14. Lecter's Phone Call (00:53)
15. Lecter's Trick - Graham's Discovery (01:21)

16. Reba And Dolarhyde (01:23)

17. The Note (04:26)

18. Dear Pilgrim (01:16)

19. Miami Threat (01:03)

20. Molly's Got A Gun (00:18)

21. Dolarhyde Gets A Paper (00:45)

22. Freddy Meets The Dragon (05:42)
23. The Dragon Bite (00:18)

24. I Like My Dragon Tender (00:24)

25. Tension In The Cell (02:22)

26. Lying Tiger Hidden Dragon (01:27)

27. Reba In The Bathroom (00:22)
28. Horror Romance And Sex (02:04)

29. Give Her To The Dragon (02:33)

30. Reba Leaves (00:29)
31. Bad Music - Dolarhyde And The Dragon Merge (04:01)

32. It's Chromalux (01:05)

33. Dloarhyde's Paranoia (01:02)

34. Waiting For Reba (00:26)

35. Bang You're Dead - The Fire (04:05)
36. The Explosion (01:10)

37. He's Back - End Credits (10:06)

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