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Friday, July 31, 2009

Chopping Mall 23 Track Complete Bootleg/Chuck Cirino

This is one of my favorite 80's horror shlock movies. It's a lot of fun. This is a 23 track bootleg to a rather noisy 80's synth score that no one will appreciate unless you're someone like me and those are the people I've put up this blog for...

UPDATE: Someone in the comments section let us in on the fact that there is now an official release over at buysoundtrax.com. It's the Deathstalker II/Chopping Mall compliation. It has about 15 tracks of Chopping Mall music. I haven't heard this particular version yet so I can't say how it compares but consider what I provided a link for to most likely be a lesser version when it comes to sound quality, though the one I provide a link to is most likely a more complete version.

link in comments...


  1. Great stuff! looking forward to future posts! Chopping Mall has got to be one of the finer points in robots-run-amok history.

  2. Haha I've never even HEARD of this movie... but I'm a 90's child.

  3. You can buy the real thing at BSX Records (dot) com and also get DEATHSTALKER II. Much better quality and great artwork comes with the price.