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Friday, July 17, 2009

Rude Dog Lookback/Bull Terriers

So does anyone remember the late 80's brand of clothing that came out by Sun Sportswear called 'Rude Dog'? It became big and even became a short lived Saturday morning cartoon series.

I'm pretty sure I had a shirt or two or something to do with this line. I remember vaguely catching the cartoon on tv a few times back then too.

Best thing about this merchandise was that Rude Dog was a Bull Terrier. My favorite breed.

Too bad, despite my thorough research, I haven't found a way to find a high quality mp3 of the opening/closing theme music. I believe there were three VHS releases. It ran for one season but I don't believe even these three tapes contain all of the cartoons. This is one DVD, I for one, hope to see. But it seems to be one of those things that have slipped so far into obscurity, no one is even thinking about releasing it. But I've been wrong before...

Unfortunately the merchandise and cartoon was yanked because it was said that the character was being confused with another famous Bull Terrier mascot at the time... Budweiser's own Spuds MacKenzie.

I suppose Bull Terriers are just too 'rude' for the kiddies... Hell, even Disney refused to release Tim Burton's first live action film 'Frankenweenie' in theaters in front of an animated film for being too 'scary'.

But lo and behold, Tim Burton's name got big and Disney released it finally on VHS and it aired many times on the Disney Channel as far as I remember.

There is a 5 track bootleg of David Newman's soundtrack out there. Rather muddy sounding and doesn't feature the end credits music (weird being it should be the easiest piece to obtain since there is no dialog or sound effects to mute out!) but it's certainly better than nothing...

A feature length stop motion animated version of the film is due soon...

Also there is a rather obscure French film that's gained a small cult following. It's called 'Baxter'.

It's a terrific film I recommend to anybody with a sick and twisted sense of humor.

If you thought 'American Psycho' was the funniest film since Caddyshack then this may be your cup of tea. It's essentially about a Bull Terrier that just can't find the right owner for him and ends up wanting to kill everyone who takes him in. Rightfully so I think... I was rooting for our four legged Norman Bates the entire time.

See also, Babe: Pig in the City. It's too late in the night for me to go on about how much I love this film. It's a better film than the original. A film with so many stylistic qualities and nuances from director George Miller (Mad Max)that I can't even start or I'll go off on extreme tangents.

Let me just say to you SEE IT. It features a Bull Terrier which is referred to unfortunately as a 'Pit Bull'. The film is so good and cast such a remarkable light on the BT that I won't hold the false title of his breed against the film.

He and Babe hold the films most memorable scenes. Oh yeah, the film is unexpectedly violent as well.

The score by Nigel Westlake is heartwarming as well has heartwrenching at times.

The only film that I can't consider all that dark that features a bull terrier is a Disney film called 'The Incredible Journey'.

I proudly own that poster actually...

It was remade years later and retitled 'Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'... a fun film I remember but replaced Bodger the Bull Terrier with a bulldog named Chance... the others stayed the same breed... boo.

So yes, I suppose overall the breed is looked at as something slightly adult and maybe even mildly scary. That itself is another blog on the breed. But as for myself... well, I for one know that a Bull Terrier is anything but... the silliest creature I know is my very own Bishop...

UPDATE: The full bootleg score to Frankenweenie is finally listed a couple of blogs above this one!


  1. cracking blog.cleary your a mad bully owner.i think it takes special people to own this unique breed.your bullies gorgeous love the name.we've got a brindle and white 18 month old bitch called ruby.desperate to see baxter but cant find it anywhere on the net.seen some clips on youtube thats it.

  2. hey, great lil bully site :) i think i remember you from the International Bull Terrier forum! How is Bishop doing by the way? hope all's well.

  3. You look so cute :)
    My bullie is called Pigor and I love him so much, that I can't express it ;)
    Greetings from Poland