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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saw IV COMPLETE 61 Tracks/Charlie Clouser

I told you I'd have it and now here it is... the only other Evolution Partners Music complete score release to a Saw film (where the hell are Saw and Saw V complete scores?).

Of all the out of print scores that I have sought out these are some of the most mysterious to me. No one seems to know much about them or of their existence.

According to wikipedia this should have 63 tracks. But according to all of the other (and very few) resources there are 61 tracks. And that is just what I have found. And here, for your listening pleasure, I present to you: Saw IV.

01. Autopsy (mix 2)
02. Just Begun (mix 3)
03. Blind-Mute
04. SWAT Hall
05. Karen
06. Research
07. It Says...
08. Newspaper
09. Plastic
10. Hello, Rigg
11. Hair Puller A
12. Hair Puller B
13. Prints (alternate)
14. Hello, Brenda
15. Icebox
16. Jill Cold
17. Shivering (mix 1)
18. Room 261
19. Rigg Pigg (mix 2)
20. Mantra
21. Workshop
22. One Step
23. Bed Ripper
24. Teacher
25. Pregnant (mix 1)
26. Help Them
27. She Stays
28. Step Back (alternate)
29. It's Art (mix 4)
30. School Daze
31. Speared
32. Pulling
33. Save Yourself
34. New Game (alternate)
35. Hello, Perez
36. Recommend
37. Partners
38. Lesson
39. The Tool (mix 2)
40. Knife Face
41. Smash Clock
42. Gideon
43. Better Hope
44. Let Go
45. It's Art (mix 2)
46. Autopsy (mix 1)
47. Just Begun (mix 4)
48. Prints
49. Shivering (mix 2)
50. Cherish
51. Rigg Pig (mix 1)
52. Shivering (alternate)
53. Pregnant (mix 2)
54. Step Back
55. It's Art (mix 1)
56. Help Them (alternate)
57. Hair Scene
58. The Tool (mix 1)
59. New Game
60. It's Art (mix 3)
61. Just Begun (mix 1)

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