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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Howling III/Wipe Your Tears/Vitamin Z

Wow, this one took a lot of research.

The end credits of The Howling III featured a song called "Wipe Your Tears" by a band called "Vitamin Z". It always stuck with me long after the credits had rolled. There's a small "maybe" as to whether there was a soundtrack release for this film. And if there was, there is no telling at this point if this song was featured on that record. Not to mention finding any albums by this band is a hard thing to come by even through blogspots and search engines. Come to find out, this song is indeed featured on an album of theirs titled "Sharp Stone Rain".

I just so happened to find someone who had this album on one of my favorite download programs. It took some convincing to get him to transfer it over to me. I received it, but to my dismay it was a totally different version than heard in the film. Talk about a bummer.

So what I present to you here is the version heard in the films end credits.

As for the film itself, it's my second favorite Howling movie. It's a stupid 80's b movie about werewolves and it knows it. The only flaw I really have with the movie is that it seems to want us to take it a bit too seriously towards the end. It gets all melodramatic and sappy, but there is a spin at the end that makes me wonder if it did all that as a joke. Kind of. Maybe. I dunno. Weird movie. Nice poster too.

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  1. Well, I would say the Version included on the "Sharp Stone Rain" Album is slightly different than the film version, not "totally different".
    Film version is a little straighter and less over-instrumantalized than the re-recorded album cut.
    In the end, both are fine examples of melodramatic 80s synthie-pop.
    I'll definetly check out the Vitamin Z album and give it a listen.
    Pity, that the work at this blog endet nearly 1 1/2 years ago, I found some very interesting material in here.
    How about some more?