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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leviathan/Jerry Goldsmith

I love nice little surprises. I haven't seen this movie in probably 15 years but I decided to plug this in being that I'm a Jerry Goldsmith fanatic.

WOW. This is good stuff. Let it be said that there isn't much in terms of themes and things you'll be humming all day long but this does stand out as being a riveting sc-fi action score!

To me it sounds as if you put his scores to Psycho II and Poltergeist in a blender with a pinch of the punch that makes Total Recall the great score it is.

Gotta love the synthesized whale sounds that are prominent in the first track.

Highly recommended.

1. Underwater camp (03:23)
2. Decompression (03:16)
3. Discovery (05:24)
4. One of us (01:41)
5. The Body Within (04:33)
6. Escape Bubbles (03:37)
7. Can we fix it (03:23)
8. Situation under control (01:49)
9. It's growing (03:10)
10. Too Hot (03:22)
11. A Lot better (03:31)

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