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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Planet Of Dinosaurs

I just know millions of you have been aching and yearning and whining for a complete film score to the 1978 film "Planet Of Dinosaurs"!

No? Damn... I have. BUT!
What I have provided for myself and perhaps the very few nostalgia geeks like myself (whom of which will most likely, unfortunately, never find this blog) is the Main Titles music by the far from Oscar winning Kelly Lammers and John O'Verlin (this was their only score, but it's actually really good for an old 80's sci-fi b movie!). I have done some mild mastering work so it doesn't sound quite as fuzzy as it would when listening to it on videocassette. It's not the greatest quality but it works.

This was seriously a movie I popped in constantly as a kid. Along with my "Dinoriders" VHS and my tapped copy of "Dinosaur!" documentary narrated by Christopher Reeve, this was one of the most watched Dino-Vids I viewed.

Sure, it's a low grade B-movie, but I really like the stop motion animation and the bad acting. And in all honesty, the synthesized score gave this a moody feel unlike what you might hear in a movie featuring dinosaurs (somehow typically orchestral).

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