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Friday, July 24, 2009

Saw III COMPLETE 54 Tracks/Charlie Clouser

This is a nice one. Of the scores for the Saw series, this one has always been my personal favorite with IV a close second.

There was an album release in the U.S. that saw one instrumental track, "Shithole Theme". In Germany there was a 2 disc set where the second disc contained 27 tracks of score.

This version for you is the Evolution Music Partners release. 54 tracks of pure completeness. This is all I know. I have no idea whether this was up on their site at some point or it got a limited CD release. I have no idea. There website offers very little looking at it.

I am busy hunting down big ass scores for Saw II and IV which are definitely out there. Unfortunately, there is nothing when it comes to Saw V though.

  1. Open Titles
  2. Footcuffed
  3. Smashfoot
  4. SWAT Team
  5. In Chains A
  6. Amanda
  7. Chain Links
  8. Welded Shut
  9. Bathtub
  10. On Camera
  11. Rib Caged
  12. Hello, Kerry
  13. Acid Hand
  14. Divorce
  15. Trauma Room
  16. Pressure
  17. Pignapped
  18. In Chains B
  19. Hello, Lynn
  20. Hello, Jeff
  21. Drunk
  22. Daughter
  23. Tin Box
  24. Dr. Lynn
  25. It's Begun
  26. Stupid Cunt
  27. Convulsions
  28. Face Fears A
  29. Face Fears B
  30. Freezer Room
  31. Tin Son
  32. Lynn Lair
  33. Be Surprised
  34. Some Things
  35. Doll House
  36. Pig Room
  37. Pig Juicer
  38. Prep
  39. Surgery
  40. Near Death
  41. Baptism
  42. Shithole
  43. The Ring
  44. Flashlight
  45. Tin Daughter
  46. Hello, Tim
  47. The Rack
  48. Lynn Talks
  49. Rules
  50. Fight Eric
  51. Fix Me
  52. Your Test
  53. Our Choice
  54. Final Test

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  1. Great!, i think that despite of what the series is becoming to, the music is always a high point. Actually i think in many ways the music of Charlie Clouser has improved these movies, which in the hands of another composer would have turned into something dull...