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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garbage Pail Kids The Movie OST

I collected Garbage Pail Kids cards like crazy when I was a kid of the 80's. I rented this numerous times on video. Amazing how glorious something can seem when you're little. I had no idea how bad this movie was. However, I still find it entertaining as hell to watch being that it's one of the most inept movies ever made. And I have a lot of fond memories with the GBK.

01. Electricity - David Lawrence
02. Big Big Man - The Beat Farmers
03. Not a Soul Around - Ed Kuepper
04. Key to the World - The Beat Farmers
05. One Down, Two Down - Hykim & Lady Dianna
06. Follow (Also Sprach the King of Eurodisco) - Ed Kuepper
07. You Can Be a Garbage Pail Kid - Jimmy Scarlett & The Dimensions
08. I'm Ready to Sacrifice - Debbie Lytton
09. Working with Each Other - The Garbage Pail Kids

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