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Friday, July 24, 2009

eXistenZ/Howard Shore

Subtlety is key with this soundtrack and it works in a way that made Silence of the Lambs the great score it was. That's why this is my second favorite score by Howard Shore behind Silence of the Lambs.

Eerie, haunting, elusive. Just like the story Cronenberg is telling. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

1 eXistenZ by Antenna
2 MetaFlesh Game-Pods
3 reality bleed through effect
4 UmbyCord
5 organic pod technology
6 pop your spine with a little hydro-gun
7 a genuine game urge
8 insect boards
9 original Marway tissue architecture
10 Viral Ecstasy
11 trout farm
12 genius in a game-pod
13 what's so special about the special?
14 hypoallergenic weapons
15 an element of psychosis
16 traumatized nervous system
17 Anti-eXistenZialists
18 industrial espionage happens
19 TranscendenZ by PilgrImage
20 it neural-surged

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  1. Many thanks. It's a unique movie.

    Giving the soundtrack a listen right now :D