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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jaws The Revenge Promo/Michael Small

Don't let the bad reputation of this sequel steer you from what is a pretty awesome score. I actually considered this my favorite sequel when I was a lot younger. It's been years since I've seen it, so I'm not sure what I'd think of it these days. I do believe it's a bit on the silly side though what with the psychic shark in the Bahamas (not too mention Bruce the shark isn't in greatest form either). But the opening attack where the dude gets his arm bitten off always freaked me out as a kid.

I do remember liking Loraine Gary and Michael Caine quite a bit and this score always stood out especially for the Main Title which was a really cool extension on the Jaws theme. I do own the original movie poster which I think is fantastic artwork...

This is a promo released back in 2000. This version contains a couple of bonus songs that were added by The Inferno Music Crypt not included on the original disc.

01. Main Title
02. Underwater
03. The Bahamas
04. Premonition
05. Moray Eel
06. Alive Or Dead
07. The Shark
08. Revenge & Final
09. Nail It To The Wall - Stacy Lattisaw (Bonus Track)
10. You Got It All - The Jets (Bonus Track)

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