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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Psycho III

As a film, this one doesn't live up to Psycho and Psycho II. But somehow it's not unsatisfying either. It's definitely a solid 80's dark comedy that stands out.

It's a fun watch and completes a story (even though it could have just ended at II as well, I think).

It's been awhile since I've seen it, but there is a lot more "Mother" going on in this one.

"Why can't you leave my poor son, my poor Norman alone?"

Carter Burwell's score is actually a solid effort. The main title theme that plays throughout the film is a somber one. Pretty moody and effective. Interestingly you hear Norman Bates playing the theme on piano in a scene, and it's played in cheesy dance form over a jukebox in a scene.

The download includes the "Scream Of Love" single.

1. Scream of Love (03:47)
Theme song from the Motion Picture "Psycho III". Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and David Sanborn
2. Maureen in the Desert (01:56)
3. Dirty Street (03:37)
Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and Stanton-Miranda
4. Before and After Shower (03:36)
5. Warm as a Cry for Help (02:20)
6. Sisters / Catherine Mary (04:13)
Written by Carter Burwell, Steve Bray and Stanton-Miranda
7. Mother? (02:45)
8. Bad Boys and body Bags (03:53)
9. Revenge of a Thankless Child (02:47)
10. Electroshock Waiting Room (01:45)

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  1. Been looking for this all over - all the links seem to be dead. Many thanks!