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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phantasm/Fred Myrow/Malcolm SeaGrave


This is a piece of horror movie history. Not only one of my favorite horror films but one of my all time favorite pieces of cinema. It was more than just a good midnight movie. It was original, weird, surreal, and fantastic. Not one second goes by that isn't drenched in mood and atmosphere.

I have only recently seen some of the sequels, and while I enjoy them for being faithful honest to God enjoyable companion pieces, not a one compares to what this original has going for it. It's just something that can't be recaptured. You can tell the filmmakers were experimenting with some new weird ideas here and it shows in the delivery.

The music, again, was a product of it's time. It's brilliant and works fantastic in the film and as a (very) spooky stand alone listen.

This version I present to you is the larger 23 track edition put out by Silva Screen. It contains some music from Phantasm II.

Track Listing:
01. Intro and Main Title (From Phantasm)
02. Welcome to Morningside / Hand in the Box (From Phantasm)
03. Hearse Inferno (From Phantasm)
04. Phantasmagoria / Silver Sphere Disco (From Phantasm)
05. Tender Interlude (From Phantasm)
06. Cemetary Spectres (From Phantasm)
07. Spacegate to Infinity / Jody at Morningside / On the Move (From Phantasm)
08. Phantasm Atmosphere (From Phantasm)
09. The Tall Man on Main Street (From Phantasm)
10. Funeral Organ / Dwarf in Hearse (From Phantasm)
11. Under the Car (From Phantasm)
12. Mike on the Road (From Phantasm)
13. Hearse Chase (From Phantasm)
14. A Dwarf Named Buford (From Phantasm)
15. Overturned Ice-cream Truck (From Phantasm)
16. Mineshaft Chase (From Phantasm)
17. "Just a Dream?" (From Phantasm)
18. End of the Game (Or Is It?) (From Phantasm)
19. Prologue / The Big Dwarf Fight (From Phantasm II)
20. Blow Out / Aftermath / Creeping Around (From Phantasm II)
21. A Thoughful Moment / Confrontation (From Phantasm II)
22. Foul Ball / Final Battle / Finale / Blow Out (From Phantasm II)
23. Phantasm II - End Theme (From Phantasm II)

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  2. Whoops! Haha, I must've had a bit to drink when I posted that.

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  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Ah Fuck! Here ya go. Sorry bout that... this is the link to track 7. I will update the actual album file soon.