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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return Promo/Terry Michael Huud

It's been impossible coming up with the scores for 3,4,5 and 7 so here is the last Children of the Corn post for now. This is a really good moody score with an absolutely awesome main title piece. This probably has my favorite opening titles to any Children of the Corn movie.

The film can be a little confusing and hard to follow at times. But honestly, this has always been one of my favorite straight to video COTC titles along with Part IV. It's nice to have Isaac back and there are a lot of scythes and sickles in this one. It's filmed in a sepia tone and they seem to have gone for atmosphere more than anything in this one.

I have included two bonus tracks composed and performed by Faith and The Muse.

1. Main Titles (01:46)
2.Stalked (01:42)
3.The Meeting / Isaac's Legacy (03:07)
4.Head On (01:18)
5.Graveyard Encounter (01:39)
6.Co-Conspirator (01:47)
7.The Ritual (01:20)
8.They Come For Hannah (01:11)
9.Motor Cycle Rave (03:03)
10.Hannah And Gabriel (03:38)
11.A Surprise (01:17)
12.Issac's Attacked / The Demon Reawakens (01:55)
13.Records Room (02:12)
14.Close Encounter (01:32)
15.Isaac Resurrected (01:24)
16.Isaac Has A Son (01:07)
17.It's Me Gabriel (05:14)
18.Gabriel Kills Matt (01:15)
19.Elektrokeach! (03:36)
20.Gabriel Searches For Isaac (01:14)
21.Isaac's Demise (01:41)
22.Gabriel Ressurected (00:34)
23.Epilogue (01:28)
24.Main Alternate Titles (02:05)

25. BONUS TRACK- Cernunnos-Faith And The Muse
26.BONUS TRACK- The Sea Angler- Faith And The Muse

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