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Friday, October 23, 2009

Escape From New York Original and Expanded Releases/John Carpenter

Sorry for the delay people. It's been awhile and I said there would be lots in store for Halloween. I have some catching up to do. However, I've been terribly busy with my own music career and various other things.

When I bought the Escape From New York soundtrack years ago it was the expanded version and it quickly became one of my all time favorite scores to listen to. Then I watcedh the movie again and noticed a significant difference between the instrumentation of certain cues on the Expanded Release and the film. Especially the Main Titles.

After doing some research I found that the way out of print original release contained the versions as they appeared in the film. Thankfully for me I remembered a used CD store I had been in the week before had a copy of the original Varese Release.

Needless to say I snagged that baby.

The Expanded release is fantastic as it's remastered and features some great tracks not available on the original release but the original release features some stuff not available on the Expanded.

Pros and Cons to both. That's why yet again, it's nice to have both versions.


Original Varese Release:

01. Main Title

02. Up The Wall/Airforce No.1

03. Orientation No.2

04. Engulfed Cathedral - Composed by Claude Debussy

05. Back To The Pod/The Crazies Come Out

06. Arrival At The Library

07. Everyone's Coming To New York

08. The Dukes Arrives/The Barricade

09. Police State/Romero And The President

10. The President At The Train

11. The President Is Gone

12. Chase Accross The 69th Street Bridge

13. Over The Wall

Expanded Release:

01. Main Title
02. The Bank Robbery *
03. "Prison Introduction" - Dialogue
04. Over the Wall/Airforce One
05. He's Still Alive/Romero *
06. "'Snake' Plissken" - Dialogue
07. Orientation
08. "Tell Him" - Dialogue
09. Engulfed Cathedral
10. Across the Roof *
11. Descent Into New York *
12. Back to the Pod - Version 1 *
13. Everyone's Coming to New York
14. "Don't Go Down There!" - Dialogue
15. Back to the Pod - Version 2 / The Crazies Come Out
16. "I Heard You Were Dead!" - Dialogue
17. Arrival at the Library
18. "You Are the Duke of New York" - Dialogue
19. The Duke Arrives/Barricade
20. President at the Train
21. "Who Are You?" - Dialogue
22. Police Action
23. Romero and the President
24. The President is Gone
25. 69th Street Bridge
26. Over the Wall
27. "The Name is Plissken" - Dialogue
28. Snake Shake - End Credits *

* Previously Unreleased Track

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  1. Original:


  2. Yes, it was me that wrote you about The Collector thing. Someone wrote a threatening comment telling me to take it down...


    But here's the download link:

  3. Screw those assholes. And thank you my dear Jack_Skellingtom

  4. Screw those assholes. And thank you Jack_Skellington_Freke

  5. Some amazing scores here fella. Keep it up. Found Poltergeist here and nearly shat!

    Cheers mate,


  6. thanks a lot man :)

  7. wonderful soundtrack from one of my favourite carpenter movie , thanks a lot for this

  8. Great upload, mate!!

    Massive Plissken fan here; do you know if there is a link for a version of EFNY that has the bank heist sequence left in?

    I know its available as an extra, but I'd love to have the film - in full widesceen, blu ray quality - with it left in.

    If not, I gues I'll have to open it up in Vegas 9 ;)

    Cheers again :)