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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Assault On Precinct 13 Bootleg & Official Release/John Carpenter

I have a special double take on the same film here.

First up is the 27 Track Bootleg. It contains every single cue in the film (at least from what I can tell). Down to the ice cream truck music. Seriously. It doesn't get more complete than that. The sound quality I feel is pretty damn good. Some cues drop off and come back in but this is probably due to the editing of the film what with having to lower the music over dialog etc. This version is around 33 minutes long.

Years later I come across an official French release for the film that contains 16 tracks and is around 25 minutes long. Sound quality is better of course and contains all of the memorable stuff.

Even the complete bootleg is only complete by 8 minutes and in all honesty it can get pretty repetitive if you aren't an asshole completist like me.

Track Listing For The Bootleg:
01. Main Title (02:56) 
02. Blood Oath (01:55)

03. Boarding the Bus (00:51)

04. Street Thunder (01:23)
05. Precinct 9 Division 13 (01:01)

06. Targets (02:07)

07. Ice Cream Man on Edge (01:34)

08. Wrong Flavor (01:01)

09. Discovery (01:04)

10. Emergency Stopover (00:57)

11. Lawson's Revenge (01:02)

12. Sanctuary (01:02)

13. The Siege (00:27)

14. Calm (00:54)

15. Marked for Something (01:50)

16. Second Wave Part 1 (00:23)
17. Second Wave Part 2 (00:27)

18. Second Wave Part 3 (00:29)

19. The Windows (01:59)
20. Julie (01:50)

21. Potatoes (00:27)

22. Alone (00:32)

23. Wells' Fight (01:42)

24. To the Basement (01:04)

25. Last Stand (00:27)

26. Walking Out (01:00)

27. End Credits (01:58)
Track Listing Official Release:

01. Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)
02. Napoleon Wilson

03. Street Thunder

04. Precinct 9 - Division 13

05. Targets/Ice Cream Man On Edge

06. Wrong Flavour

07. Emergy Stop

08. Lawson's Revenge

09. Sanctuary?

10. Second Wave

11. The Windows!

12. Julie

13. Well's Flight

14. To The Basement

15. Walking Out

16. Assault On Precinct 13

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