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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phantasm IV: Oblivion/Christopher L. Stone

Just watched this flick today for the first time and I think it may be my favorite sequel. It has a little bit more of the flavor the original had. A lot of scenes where you don't know whether it's a dream or not (maybe the entire series is one big bad dream).

A very ambiguous ending by the way, if you haven't seen it, but this just added to the reasons why I liked it. Oh yeah, and the sphere boobs scene. Classic.

I don't think there is anything available as far as Phantasm III goes. From what I have found out, III just used the score from II and there were a couple of scenes with original material.

The score for IV was an original score written by Christopher L. Stone. It has it's moments. Nothing like Fred Myrow's classic original and almost on par with all the sequels scores. It's something you'll like if you're a fan. And it doesn't make for bad spooky background music at all.

This is a 16 track promo with no track names.

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  1. Thank you kindly for posting these rare Phantasm soundtracks for fans to download. I was hoping they would get out sooner or later. I hope people will especially enjoy the P4 score as it's my favorite sequel and sequel score.

    Continue rocking, Friend of the Devil.

    (PS - Greensboro resident here. Good to see a horror fan "representing" in Raleigh!)

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  3. This is an excerpt from imdb.com:

    "To reduce costs, the movie score was basically a reuse of the material composed by Fred Myrow and Christopher L. Stone for the previous sequel Phantasm II (1988). Apart from some minor changes and additions made to the existent tracks, only a few minutes of original music were written."

    So I'm taking it that if you have the score to Part II you pretty much have the score for III as well. However, being that there is a bootleg for II available you'd think some Phantasm or soundtrack fanatic out there would have made a bootleg score out of III anyways. I wonder how many "minor" changes were made in III and just have much original music was composed exactly.

  4. Thanks for the info - I never thought to check on IMDb.