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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Fog 35 Track Bootleg & Official Expanded Release/John Carpenter

Here is another nice double whammy for the Halloween Season.

The bootleg provided here features every cue of music in the film... even all the radio broadcast music. All of the stuff that you missed on the Varese and Silva Screen Editions are HERE. This is good stuff!

The official release by Silva Screen was an expanded version of the Varese release. I have provided this as well. The mastering work is nice and these tracks are a lot more straightforward of course than the bootleg which had a lot of cutoffs here and there due to the editing of the film from which it was taken straight from. Of course at the same time a lot of music is missing even on this expanded release which you will find on the bootleg. Pros and Cons to both versions. That's why you NEED both.

With both you are set with one of John Carpenter's finest entries in film scoring. The Fog was Carpenter at his prime.

Track Listing For Bootleg:
01. Opening (04:17)
02. Source Cue (00:08)
03. The Journal Of Father Malone (01:56)
04. Source Cue (00:08)
05. Source Cue (02:48)
06. Source Cue (00:58)
07. Terror On The Trawler (04:11)
08. Source Cue - Night Visitor (04:20)
09. Andy's Discovery (01:03)
10. Drive To The Light House (01:09)
11. Source Cue (00:28)
12. Visiting Malone (01:12)
13. Aboard The Seagrass Part 1 (00:50)
14. Aboard The Seagrass Part 2 (01:04)
15. Aboard The Seagrass Part 3 (02:34)
16. Nick's Story (00:51)
17. Kab Promos (00:54)
18. Six Must Die (00:59)
19. Source Cue (00:39)
20. Not Quite Dead (00:56)
21. Nightfall (01:33)
22. Source Cue (01:08)
23. Source Cue (01:52)
24. The Fog Rolls In (01:59)
25. Source Cue - Don't Open The Door (03:07)
26. Disconnected (01:21)
27. Power Cut (02:37)
28. Number Five (02:45)
29. Andy In Jeopardy - Fog Moves (00:50)
30. Escape (05:38)
31. Nowhere To Run (01:17)
32. Cross Of Gold (03:07)
33. As Suddenly As It Appeared... (02:38)
34. The Last One (00:21)
35. End Credits (03:01)

Track Listing For Official Expanded Release:
01. Prologue Narrated By John Houseman (02:37)
02. Theme From The Fog (05:09)
03. Matthew Ghost Story (02:50)
04. Walk To The Lighthouse (02:41)
05. Rocks At Drake's Bay (02:26)
06. The Fog (03:16)
07. Antonio Bay (04:28)
08. Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships (02:16)
09. Reel 9 (10:59)
10. Main Theme Reprise (01:49)
11. The Fog Rolls In (02:50)
12. Blake In The Sanctuary (07:46)
13. Finale (01:21)
14. Radio Interview With Jamie Lee Curtis About The Fog (06:11)

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  1. Bootleg:


  2. Many thanks.

    It really is a unique collection. Having the source music from KAB,is superb. I have the CD (I think it's the Silva one you mention), but this extra material is most welcome.

  3. many thanks!!!
    I love ending music!!

  4. a wonderful and comprehensive collection , love the movie