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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rapidshare LOSES. Megaupload WINS.

Though a small number (this blog is still pretty new) 23 people preferred Megaupload and only 8 preferred Rapidshare.

Case in fact... when it comes to downloading quickly, ANY file sharing site is better than Rapidshare.

Over the past couple of months my disliking for Rapidshare only grew. Practically every file from Rapidshare I attempt to download now it tells me I have to become a Premium member to download that file! It doesn't even tell me to wait for ten minutes anymore. This is very frustrating.

I guess I should just fork out the cash for a Premium account (only because some bloggers won't start using something else) but in all honesty, a lot of these files I can find through some of my favorite file sharing programs. Thankfully some soundtrack blogs are providing links to a couple or multiple file sharing sites. At least this gives us an option.

This isn't to say Megaupload is the best of the best... far from it. Uploading stuff to the site has become something frustrating so I most likely will be using a different site. However, when it comes to downloading from Megaupload, I've never had a problem.

Until I decided to buy a Rapidshare Premium account (which ain't likely) I will most likely not frequent the blogs that use it anymore. It's just a time waster to me. A real shame too because a few of my favorite blogs use it.

Rapidshare is a piece of junk so dirty even the Junkyard won't embrace it.

I'm done with it.


  1. Personally, I prefer MediaFire... it's completely free and there's no wait time before you download.

  2. You should try JDownloader - you can queue up files from all kinds of sites (rs, mu, mf, on and on) and they'll download automatically - if you have to wait to download a rs link, it will try every minute or two unless rs specifies the wait. It catches links copied to the clipboard, so you can select and copy lists of links, and JD will check to make sure they're still online. It even handles captcha : D It's written in java so you can get it for Windows, Mac and Linux and it's free! Total game changer, as far as I'm concerned. I've tried a few different download managers and JD puts the rest to shame. Uncompensated endorsement : ) Thanks for sharing your scores!